How AI is impacting our everyday life
By Syed Dawood Shah

Published in: World, Science
Date: 01 / 06 / 19

Artificial Intelligence has been receiving huge amount of recognition in the past years.

If you have ever searched a movie on Netflix or asked Siri the temperature, you have interacted with AI. 

AI is used to build agents or robots, which can replicate human behavior and make decisions on our behalf. Some of the most popular AI adoptions are known as:

1.Machine learning: Giving a computer system the ability “to learn” using statistical data to become more reliable and efficient. 

2.Natural language processing: Building a machinery system which can understand and interpret natural human languages. 

3.Knowledge management: Receiving an organization’s intangible information and to converting it into tangible assets. 

4.Data Storages use AI to provide data selection, analysis, and classification tools such as GoogleDrive, iCloud, and OneDrive.

5.Pattern recognition: Training a machine to recognize an image exactly like human based on particular pattern.

While the ethics and practicality of artificial intelligence are still up for debate, consider these five ways AI is already influencing and impacting your everyday life:

1.Virtual assistants, can not only recognize what you say in natural language but even ascertain context and intent based on your tone of voice and request history.

2.Voice recognition technology already enables you to speak a sentence in one language and have it translated to the listener's language in real time.

3.Recommendation algorithms on Spotify or Amazon make intelligent suggestions of products, books or music you may like.

4.The map software on your phone makes route suggestions based on your previous travel patterns and current traffic conditions.

5.The spam filter in your email software that quickly learns how to discern the sorts of emails that are relevant and necessary  and which ones aren't.

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