3 Things to Consider before studying evolution
By Syed Dawood Shah

Published in: Self, Science
Date: 11 / 06 / 19

Keep in mind that there are three domains which need investigating when evaluating this particular interface otherwise it can lead to further confusion. The three domains are the following:

1) The Science - this domain is strictly about the scientific evidences for evolution and the surrounding criticisms. For example some claim that the fossil record has gaps therefore evolution is problematic. However, advocates of evolution will say that fossil record is known to be 'gappy' but we have other means of inference to determine evolution is true, e.g. homology and genetics. Furthermore, we've even found evidences of the missing links that were predicted by evolutionary principles. This is but one issue.

2) The Metaphysics - this is to do with the philosophical and creedal component. Is there is anything coming out of evolution that is ideologically challenging in your commitment to belief in God? One example is the issue of chance. Evolution is chancey suggesting that humans were made accidentally or God plays dice. This runs in the face of the idea that God knows everything about creation and created it with a purpose. It is within this matrix that notions of intelligent design become relevant for theists.

3) The Hermeneutics - this is do with verses and hadiths pertaining to the topic of creation of man. A cursory reading suggests that man was created spontaneously while evolution suggests that man had a biological precursor, creating a conflict. A more concrete example is the height of Adam. There is a hadith which states that he was 30 metres tall.

This seems to go against biological principles. Functional limits of the human anatomy suggest that this is impossible. 

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