How it works

The Process.

Step One
Learn: Expand your mind and learn from experts around the world across different subjects
Step two
Teach: Create engaging content in text and video forms
Step three
Share and Connect: Share your knowledge and connect with others in the KNOW!

Why publish with us?

KNOW has a specific focus, which is to make the process of both worldly and spiritual learning easier, accessible and integrated. 


Integral to our philosophy is the power of connection. Not only do we want to connect people with knowledge, we want to connect people with people - resulting in powerful networks - and also knowledge with knowledge - which is what will enable us to become better thinkers and more holistic in our approach.

By working together collaboratively we can create a world where we preserve this for ourselves and for generations to come.

We truly want to leverage community learning - so we are open source and allow anyone to add content.

Curated Content

At its base level, KNOW curates a variety of the best, coolest, educational content - both articles and videos - from around the world to engage our brain and make us think on a variety of topics. 

Community Content

The KNOW library is where you can learn anything quickly in the form of our Knodes. The Knodes are Community content.  This is where it is over to YOU, our wonderful, diverse community to share with us anything and everything you know in the form of our concise, digestible but powerful knodes!

These are easy to navigate through hashtags and the best ones will be upvoted and be more visible so more people can benefit!


There are two types of knodes - video knodes and text knodes.

A video knode is a maximum 3 minute video which explains a micro topic on any subject. It can be done in any fashion - a selfie video on a phone or an elaborate animation - as long as it teaches you one simple point. 

A text knode is a short flash card - containing images and text only. Again this explains a micro topic - and is limited to 300 words only.

Courses Marketplace

For those who want to learn more and go deeper - you will find further content in the KNOW marketplace where you can access courses, books and other information designed to challenge and help you to flow, help you to grow and most importantly, help you to KNOW!

Everyone who has submitted knodes has the ability to offer courses on their specialised subjects that can be marketed to their followers to be purchased. We want to incentivise the best content creators to do what they do best - and find an audience of learners and knowledge seekers ready to buy and know more!

What are you waiting for? Get started...
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