Why is a Second Golden Age critical for our future?

Why do we need a Second Golden Age ?

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Date: 24 / 10 / 18

Why a Second Golden Age is critical for our future as Modern Muslims

A millennium ago humanity took the greatest leap in its Intellectual Evolution. The first ever Global scale Scientific Revolution, also known as The Golden Age of Islam. This was the first time in history, the sacred and the secular were harmoniously together in the most powerful civilization humanity has ever seen for no less than 800 years. Advances in mathematics, astronomy, medicine went hand in hand with human understanding of the Self, its purpose, and its ultimate destination. There was nothing that segregated  Scientists like Ibn al haytham, Al Kindi, Ibn Sina and mystics, theologians like Ibn Arabi, Sh Abdul Qadir Jilani and Imam Abu Hanifa. After all the One who created the universe was the same divine power that sent down the Quran ! This was the  first time in history religion and science, revelation and reason worked together towards humanity’s well being.

But fast-forward to today, we find ourselves in a world where knowledge is more accessible and advanced than ever before. But human misery has hit its all time low. The same knowledge that could open the secrets of the universe, is now used to threaten existence itself!

Is it because we have taken the spirit out of our knowledge? The meaning and purpose out of our science?

We at KNOW  believe in bringing the two oceans of knowledge together- the sacred and the secular - to have spirituality and science hand in hand , and the hope of building a Second Golden Age, work for which had already started in the last century, is not far off

But we need your support for the Second Golden Age at Patreon. Help us create quality content unveiling a truth kept hidden for so long, that Modern Science owes its origin to the Quran directly.

Support us in bringing out this new side of our Beloved Messenger (saw)- that not only did He end the era of Divine revelation, rather, He also inaugurated another era-the era of scientific enquiry.

Support us in our research to unravel the physics behind Isra and Mi’raj.

Let this  be a collective effort of the entire ummah.

And the Prophet (saw) gave us the good news that the most intense in love for me will come after me. (Tirmidhi) This is a time of blind hate and antagonism against the Prophet, How can a people love Him (pbuh) in these times except that they find Him more relevant to their modern world than ever before.

Allah says in the Quran: "O you who believe, Be helpers in the cause of Allah !" (61:14)

The Second Golden age is a cause in the path of Allah. To root Iman again in reason just the way the Quran demanded, ascend the levels of yaqeen. And none except the ones who have yaqeen can withstand the trials that lay ahead when science will either be used as a tool against you or for you.

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