Is the Quran the oldest reference to Black holes?

The Quran, Supernovae and Black Holes

Published in: Science
Date: 21 / 04 / 19

Black holes are the weirdest objects in the universe. The laws of the universe as we know them to be, cease to exist around the edge of a black hole which is called an Event Horizon. Black holes are formed when a star dies and collapses on its self as gravity takes over.

Did you know that there is a verse in the Quran, in a chapter called- The Star (Najm), that starts with the words- By the Star, as it "collapses/dies". This is the FIRST ever reference to this peculiar property of stars. Surah Najm (this chapter) details the Ascension (Mi'raj) of the Prophet (saw).

Sabreen Syeed

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