How to disrupt the big, bad education system

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Date: 20 / 07 / 20

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have a major bugbear with the modern schooling system.

I honestly feel it does nothing but creates zombies, clones and those who are unable to do much beyond conforming, as opposed to cultivating true education and the kind of free, critical thinking which is needed to change the world for the better. Mass testing and being hugely overworked is causing kids to be depressed, burned out and learning only to pass tests rather than retaining the knowledge learned.

Most dangerous and damningly of all, they are falling out of love with learning.

Knowledge and education has always been the very foundation that entire civilisations have blossomed upon, throughout history. But despite the masses having more access to education and resources than probably any time in history, we are sadly more dumbed down than ever.

This is not hyperbole, this paradox is a sad reality.

Our attention span is not what it was. We are pseudo-intellectuals, proudly boasting about our paper graduate certificates whilst googling and Wiki’ing our way through life.

Most of us know that this system is flawed somewhat but we put up with it due to a lack of alternatives. This institution is far too strong, too overbearing, too embedded within our culture to truly be reformed as it needs to be. Even though it’s over 100 years old and completely out of date, we can’t beat the big bad system, right?

Or can we?

At the same time, we are undergoing a digital revolution in almost every area of our lives, from the way we travel, the way we shop, to the way we find accommodation.

There are new innovations happening on almost a daily basis. But how did Uber and eBay and Airbnb disrupt the traditional industries of taxis, retail and hotels which were similarly previously untouchable and dominated by huge players?


They believed in bringing people together. Instead of one person or institution having the power, they brought power to the people, and led from the bottom upwards, as opposed to the traditional top down way we have always been governed. This meant that anyone could become a taxi, a shop or a hotel.

Ultimately everyone who possess such resources could offer their services to everyone.

We believe the same thing.

At KNOW we believe that everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn.

We all have an expertise on something, no matter how trivial. And that we believe that no two people are the same. We may learn about business better from a teenager than a university professor. We may learn better by reading as opposed to video. Everyone has their own style, but unfortunately modern mass education is not dynamic enough to facilitate that.

At KNOW we are trying to spark this much needed educational revolution through our brand new open source social education platform.

Through our bite size knodes (3 minute videos or 300 word articles — to cater for our short attention span today) anyone and everyone can become someone in the know very quickly, and best of all can get a quick and varied view on any given subject from number of different people… which in turn allows them to form their own opinion gauged from their understanding.

What’s more, you can follow your fave content creators and then take the courses that are launched by them, or any others that are of interest. If you’re someone who knows or wants to know, then come to KNOW!

In the agricultural age, we would grow crops, and sell or barter them for our day to day living.

In the industrial age, we would work in factories for others for our day to day living.

Why then, if this logic is to be followed, when living in today’s information age — are we still operating in an outdated way?

Surely, we should be to live day to day through the knowledge and information we have, that we can trade with others.

We envisage a world where everyone will learn for the sake of learning, and that earning naturally becomes a byproduct of what you know.




We believe that everyone has something to learn, and everyone has something to teach. Our vision is to create a global education platform which empowers millions to fulfill their purpose and potential.

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