The Taliban are Back. What Now?
By AbuBilaal Yakub

A critical analysis of the Taliban through history, facts and prophecy

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Date: 19 / 08 / 21

Let us talk about that which we seem to have no other approach than to speculate on. On the one hand, there are those rejoicing the victory in the heart of Khorasan. On the other, are those who condemn, those who critique, those who moan and complain, to voice their indoctrinated opinions on matters they do not have an education on, let alone vague knowledge. There are historicities, there are facts, and then there is Prophecy. And we will look at each one in its stride.

However, first things first. To critique is an intellective trait. But there are those who say they are critiquing because they are thinking critically, but in all honesty, they are doing less ‘thinking’ and more ‘criticizing’ with an aimless foundation in their flawed epistemologies. You know yourselves. Your voices are the loudest on social media. Then there are facts. If you did not already know it, there is, what is known as ‘factual occurrence’ which we call ‘factually true,’ which is synonymic to ‘technically right.’ Then there is ‘true reality’ what we call ‘Truth.’ What might be technically true or factually right is not necessarily the ‘Truth’. Reality is not factual, even though facts can be real, and since they can be real, they can also be false. Likewise, opinions are not facts. Since we live in an age of self-entitlement, one is entitled to their opinions, but is not entitled to their own facts. Again, you know yourselves. So, learn the distinction before you voice your opinion. Be smart. Not loud.

With that rant out of the way, let us break down what we came to break down. This will be a lengthy read, but I assure you it will be well worth your time. So, bear with me. This is important.

The ‘group’ as it was previously termed, which will undoubtedly be termed as ‘regime’ soon enough, originated from the Pashtun region of Afghanistan, primarily from Kandahar, as students of Traditional Islamic Studies some three or so decades back. Their title of ‘Taliban’ from the Arabic word ‘Tālib’ came from distinguishing them from other groups banded together as a collective non-military people united against Soviet invasion. The founder, Mullah Mohammad Omar, along with fifty or so of his students, formed the group under the premise of opposing the then Afghan negligence of establishing an Islamic form of governance, opting rather for the secular/colonial systems. The argument was sound— having defeated the Soviet invasion, and having the keys to starting afresh, why should the Afghan people, predominantly Muslim for almost thirteen centuries, opt for a secular form of governance, and not an Islamic one?

I say that the argument was sound because it certainly gained traction. Within months, the group’s capacity grew from 50 to 15,000, from various religious schools and madrasas. In an effort to continually keep the Soviet incursion at bay, the US government covertly sponsored schoolbooks and textbooks promoting militant ideology. The United States Agency for International Development, USAID, (that’s right, a do-gooding arm of the marvellously democratic nation that seeks to spread its goodness to all corners of the known universe) funded the University of Nebraska with millions of dollars to develop and publish these textbooks in local languages. It goes without saying that Taliban funding was not limited to textbooks and pencils for the purpose of ‘liberative’ indoctrination, but extended to arms and ammunition. Ak-47s and RPG rocket launchers don’t grow in the desert. We should already know this. Someone gave them all the tools they needed.

Fundamentally, the Taliban’s root motivation was driven by the suffering of the Afghan people, the fault of which they believed was as a resultant of power struggles between various factions, as well as a government that had all but abandoned the moral code of Islam. I am inclined to believe this not only as factual but as reality. The power struggle’s origin is not without US foreign policy, which has a documented track record of failing everywhere it is enforced, and that the people suffered was by their fault of preferring the secular way of life over the religiously ordained way. The same reasons that led to the fall of the Ottoman Empire.

Much of it is already well documented in contemporary history, so I would urge you to take the time to research, study, and understand. You will find an incredible dynamic shift between what began as a noble intention, to what eventually became an extremity, as Islam suffered an acute, severe, and irrational interpretation that would truly anger the foundational leaders, scholars, and saints of our tradition. Undoubtedly, perhaps driven by desperation, or else clouded by power, what manifested under Taliban rule took a turn for the worst, and the list of atrocities committed is lengthy.

Regardless, it all being semantics, and semantics are always shifting for better or worse, the essence of what they sought and the fundamentals they adhered to did not falter. And this was not something the US could afford. Why? Because of something beyond their control.

Here enters the Prophecy. And you are all familiar with the prophesied army from the lands of Khorasan, a force that will endure unchallenged until it reaches Jerusalem, liberating everything in their path. You can understand why the West, and its puppet-master, the Zionists, would be concerned. And yes, they are concerned. Do not make the mistake of assuming they have not studied our tradition and are unaware the prophecies of Nabi Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). They will do everything in their power to ensure the prophecies do not come to pass. In that, they will attempt to deem themselves superior.

And thus transpired the mother of all theatrics of the modern age, notwithstanding Circus-19.

What’s interesting to note is that less than 24-hours after the World Trade Centres collapsed, the US intelligence agencies already had a suspect, an action plan, and a finger on the trigger, armed and ready to move. On September 12th, 2001, NATO collectively approved a campaign against Afghanistan as a “self-defence against armed attack.”

George the Monkey (Bush), speaking to Congress, stated, “leadership of Al-Qaeda had great influence on Afghanistan and supported the Taliban regime in controlling the country. We condemn the Taliban,” further making the demands that the Taliban hand over Osama Bin Laden and all Al-Qaeda leaders.

The Taliban ambassador to Pakistan, Abdul Salem Zaeef, countered to the ultimatums by saying, “our position is that if America has proof and evidence, they should produce it,” additionally insisting that if Osama was to be found guilty, it should be so by trial in an Afghan court under the Islamic legislation. Zaeef further demanded an explanation of how 4000 Jews who were working in the WTC apparently had knowledge of the attacks and were absent on the day of the attack.

On September 22nd, the Arab puppets, who are still puppets and quite proud of their degraded status, including the UAE and Saudi, officially withdrew their recognition of the Taliban as Afghanistan’s legitimate government. On October 4th, the Taliban agreed to surrender Bin Laden to Pakistan for trial in an international tribunal, which the Pakistani authorities blocked on the premise that they could not guarantee his safety. It seems someone did not want him to speak publicly, seeing as how they eventually shot him and dumped his body in the ocean, very much like how a mafia would ‘take care’ of its problems. On October 7th, the Taliban offered to detain Bin Laden and try him under their Qadhi’s court if the US submitted a formal request to do so and provided the Taliban with sufficient evidence of the alleged crime. The Bush administration rejected the offer on the profound American philosophy of “we do not negotiate with terrorists.”

So, all in all, after 20 long years to push Western ideals by attempting to conquer a land that has refused to yield to every conqueror, America finally set up its ‘victorious’ flag on Afghan land, claiming the trophy of yet another defeated nation as well as a monument to commemorate that defeat in the land that has gone down in history as ‘The Graveyard of Empires.’ The Afghan president packed his suitcases with all the money under his mattresses (because he could always buy new clothes) and took the high road when his masters said they had nothing to do with him. Incidentally, he posted an emotional letter on Facebook stating that he departed because he wanted to avoid spilling Afghan blood. What he meant was, he was afraid of what the Taliban would do to him. Meanwhile, his loyal subjects were scampering for flights at the airport, clinging to the wheels of aircrafts taking off, their doors shut, while Americans reclined back on cushy chairs inside sipping refreshing beverages with inflight entertainment and air-conditioning. There’s even an image circulating online of a flight cabin with empty seats, TV screens, and even a seat occupied by someone’s pet dog. But sure, let’s condemn the Taliban for being inhumane.

Where then do we stand?

If you thought that the Taliban was the prophesied Army of the Black Flags of Khorasan, you were wrong. They are not. At least not in their present state. But they are promising to be, and can be, if they adhere to what is existentially true under Islam. I say ‘promising’ because within the short span of their victory they have done exactly the opposite of what every politician and expert analyst said they would do. The media has been screaming itself hoarse with propaganda, scrutinizing every nook and cranny they could dig up to condemn the Taliban, and have thus far failed as miserably as the American government and NATO collectively.

Ultimately, there are only one of two possible outcomes from this pivotal point. Either the Taliban will fail, and will be proven to be what they have been alleged to be for decades. An extremist organization that lives and breathes for the sole purpose of cutting off heads and blowing things up. Or they will succeed and lay down the foundations for the true liberators in the forthcoming Great War as prophesied. I am personally inclined to the latter. Because I find it hard to believe that they are this bestial, evil, vile collective of individuals that lack every trace of humanity known to humanity, and the supposed western doctrine with its broken moral compass, LGBT liberties, and Hollywood is seeking to liberate the Afghan people from its religious enslavement.

The Taliban have taken on the grave responsibility, and they now must prove their worth.

The litmus test?


Strange? Let me explain. The only way any Muslim nation gains complete liberation from the Dajjalic West, is when it is economically independent. So long as the allure of the Dollar and its enchaining decadence is wrapped around their necks, there will be no independence. You can implement Shari’ah, criminalize homosexuality, enforce strict religious guidelines, but if you feel like you cannot possibly live without all fancy frills, green lawns, and picket fences of the west, that you could not possibly survive God’s green earth without the ‘progress’ and ‘development’ of modernity, then you have missed the essence of a religious way of life, and you should be stripped of your self-promoted title of ‘Khilafa.’ The same goes for Hizb Ut-Tahrir, and every other Khilafa campaigner out there. True Khilafa is not about politics and the establishment of an Islamic State. The word ‘Islamic State’ does not exist in our scholarly foundations. True Khilafa is the establishment of Tawheed and a religious way of life. The moment you compromise your faith for secularist ideals, you lose.

The Taliban will either become another puppet, which will be overcome by the true liberators, or they will take the stand and establish a rightly guided way of life, spiritual social order, and justice, and bring back the monetary and economic system for the betterment of Muslims, not just Afghans, as ordained in the Quran. The Dirham and Dinar. The Afghan ‘Afghani’ or the ‘Rupee’ no longer has any place in the Islam soon to be established in the coming years. And this will not take too long. We will know soon enough.

Until then, let us not speculate too much, particularly not under subjective ideological influences. Don’t be swayed by activist propaganda and media broadcasts. American withdrawal from Afghanistan was not coincidental. It was strategic. And the Taliban are already vigilant of this strategy. I suspect we will soon be witnessing Israel’s offensive involvement in a ‘self-defense’ shroud, singing the anthems of ‘peace in the Middle-East perhaps with a medley of ‘right to defend itself’ against terrorism. This will bring us to the cusp of a true unveiling, a moment that will reveal who the nationalists and Zionist allies are, and who are loyal to Islam. Who the believers are and who the hypocrites. We are indeed living in interesting times. The stage is now set. This is the endgame. Wake up and smell the sunshine on the East, as it sets in the West. The world is now all but a ragtag of differentiated ideals, lost morals, fancy suits, and decadent materialistic ambitions. 

The real question is - where do you see yourself?


AbuBilaal Yakub

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