The Origin of Hindutva & How it Shares Legacy with Zionism & Nazism
By Zaid Shah

An Islamic & Historical Viewpoint

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Date: 02 / 07 / 21

In the last few years defense and political ties between Israel and India have significantly grown. Today India has become the largest Israeli arms buyer in the world. Delhi is a major purchaser of Israeli military hardware such as weapons systems, missiles and unmanned aerial vehicles. Along with increased military hardware purchases there’s also been an increase in joint-commando exercises. Prime Minister Narendra Modi made history in July 2017 when he became the first Indian Prime Minister government to visit Jerusalem. Other high-ranking Indian officials also visited in 2017, including former air force chief Arup Raha and navy head Sunil Lanba. In May of the same year, three Indian Navy warships docked in Haifa’s port for a three-day visit aimed at strengthening the countries’ friendship. In fact, it was Israeli-made, GPS-guided SPICE bombs that Indian mirage jets dropped in Balakot, inside Pakistani territory that almost led to a war crisis in South Asia in 2019. The ever-increasing bilateral ties has become a necessity due to a couple of common factors shared by both regimes.

Both are governed by far-right parties that pursue religious nationalism exploiting Islamophobia for their nationalist support while disguising themselves as democracies. Both are nuclear armed, commit the same level of war crimes against Muslim communities in occupied Palestine and occupied Kashmir, and human rights violations against minorities. In Israel the majority European (Ashkenaz) Jews discriminate against Mizrahi & Sephardic (black and Mid-Eastern) Jews, Christians and Muslims. In India, upper ruling classes of Brahmins and Kshatriyas (e.g. Rajputs), also discriminate against Sikhs, Christians, Sudras or Black Hindus, Dalits (untouchables) and severely discriminate and attack Muslims. Moreover, both are regional threats to their neighbors. Israel threatens the existence of Palestinians and wages wars against its neighbors: Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan. Likewise, India also fought wars with Pakistan, China, has border and territorial disputes with Bangladesh and Nepal. India also actively interferes in internal politics of Bangladesh and Afghanistan. India is the primary military threat in South Asia like Israel is in Middle East. This explains why defense and political ties between Israel and India have grown in the past few years.

But that’s not it. There is much more that brings the 2 together.

After independence from British, India has primarily been ruled by Indian National Congress for almost 6 decades, apparently a democratic political party dominated by liberal Brahmins. In the recent years we have noticed the rise of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), a nationalist rightwing party, also Brahmin dominated, that draws its inspiration from a rightwing militant movement called Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh or RSS, created in 1920s under British held India. RSS was highly inspired by Nazism and believes in the supremacy of ancient Hindu race called Aryans and Hindu teachings in the land of Bharat (ancient India) over all others. It believes in the formation of Akhand Bharat (Greater India) on the lands of modern-day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal and even Afghanistan. The ideology is based on Hindutva (Hinduness), a philosophy that teaches strengthening Hindus and Hinduism in the region. This is akin to Greater Israel concept of Zionists, a territory stretching from river Nile to Euphrates, which includes all Arab states. Zionism, a nationalist racist ideology also believes in sovereignty of their chosen Jewish Israeli race over all others especially in the holy land. During British raj (rule) Indian National Congress and RSS affiliated groups were famous for denying Muslim demands which resulted in formation of All India Muslim League party which struggled for a Muslim homeland that created Pakistan. Likewise, it was Britain that facilitated the unrestricted migration of European (Ashkenazi) Jews under British held Palestine who later terrorized, colonized and occupied Palestine. Interestingly, Zionist rightwing militias like the Stern Gang, Haganah and Lehi, who helped create Israel, were inspired by German Nazis and even conspired with them for their militant activities against indigenous Palestinians, the British authorities and even Jews. Like Zionist militias did not shy away from killing and harassing their own if necessary, it was an RSS member named Naturam Godse, who assassinated famous Hindu leader Mahatama Gandhi in 1948 who shared some lenient views towards Muslims. During the British raj RSS was banned due to their connections with the German Nazis and Italians Fascists. 

The Historical Link between Israelis & Hindus – The Sacred Cow

إِنَّ ٱلَّذِينَ ٱتَّخَذُواْ ٱلۡعِجۡلَ سَيَنَالُهُمۡ غَضَبٞ مِّن رَّبِّهِمۡ وَذِلَّةٞ فِي ٱلۡحَيَوٰةِ ٱلدُّنۡيَاۚ وَكَذَٰلِكَ نَجۡزِي ٱلۡمُفۡتَرِينَ

(Al Quran 7:152) Indeed, those who took the calf [for worship] will obtain anger from their Lord and humiliation in the life of this world, and thus do We recompense the inventors [of falsehood].

Many Indologists and archaeologists such as Dr. Pran Nath (Benares University) and Dr. E.F Orton (Cambridge University) suggest that most of the Indo-Iranian (the term Iran comes from ancient Arya) or Indo-Aryans, an ancient people commonly called Aryans actually came through waves of migration through centuries to the valley of five rivers called Indus Valley which covers modern North East Afghanistan, most of Pakistan and North West India. Most of these settled in these lands and formed their habitat. Its suggested that they originated from the Babylonian and Sumerian civilization hence we see their remains in ancient towns of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa in Pakistan today. The cradle of the Sumerian civilization was Babylonia, modern day Iraq. The Vedas is one of the oldest Hindu literature and source of Hindu philosophy written in archaic Sanskrit which came along with these light skin Aryan settlers and invaders. The original and indigenous people of India are called Dravidians, today mostly found in South India, the dark-skinned Tamils and the Malabari people. With the arrival of Aryans, the Dravidians were pushed down south and since then they have been there.

In his book “Link with the Past Ages” Dr. E. F. Orton writes about a Great Trek, a large migration that took place between 717 to 700 BCE, where many Sumerian-Chaldian tribes from Mesopotamia (parts of Iraq, Syria, Kuwait & Turkey) under the oppression of Assyrians decided to migrate with their cattle and herds towards the land of Sindh in India, part of the Indus Valley then. He claims that the Brahman system was developed in Mesopotamia and then transferred to India by later Sumerian-Chaldean migrations who introduced the Sanskrit language there and developed the caste system. The Vedas, ancient Hindu religious texts, are nothing more less than an exact account of Sumerian history in Mesopotamia from their first king in 3378 BC until Great Trek into India in 717 BCE. The Sumerians memorized these accounts and translated them into Sanskrit, the Aryan dialect in India.

Dr. Israr Ahmed, in his “Lessons from the History” notes that after the death of Israeli King Prophet Suleiman (alaihi salaam) the United Kingdom of Israel was divided in to two: Northern Kingdom Of Israel ruled by 10 tribes and Southern Kingdom of Judah ruled by 2 tribes. It was around 721 BC that Assyrian King Sargon attacked the Northern Kingdom and captured thousands of Israelis and deported them to the Eastern parts of Assyrian lands among Sumerian and Chaldean communities living under the Assyrian rule. These tribes came to be known as the Ten Lost Tribes. The primary reason for this divine punishment from Allah was their indulgence in the idol worship and paganism (Al Quran 37:125) something that Israelis were so attached to from their Egyptian captivity days. Due to cultural and political influence of the stronger regional powers like Assyrians, Israelis introduced paganism into their country. The Quran also rebuked their idolatry tendencies in several ayahs (Al Quran 2:51, 2:54). For instance, after being saved from Pharaoh they saw some people worshiping idols and requested Prophet Musa (a.s): (Al Quran 7:138) “…make for us a god as they have (their) gods”. In the absence of Musa (a.s) they even indulged in this practice: (Al Quran 7:148) “In the absence of Moses, his people made from their ˹golden˺ jewellery an idol of a calf that made a lowing sound.” This worship of calf was worship of Apis, a sacred bull common in ancient Egyptian society. Ancient societies adopted pagan culture from each other, therefore we can imagine how cow worship may have entered ancient India.

​Wahid Bakhsh Rabbani, a former Indian military officer, shares views of his Chishti Sufi teacher named Hazrat Zauqi Shah (1878–1951 CE) that the lost Israeli tribes captured by Assyrians were most hated nation, their name and history became a curse for them which made life unbearable. This humiliation was a result of divine punishment. They found a way out of agony. They decided to migrate to India where nobody knew them. Hence, we notice that high status of a chosen race, caste system, interest based monetary system, cow worship and idolatry, are historical crimes of Israelis and commonly found among Hindus. Brahmins, the highest priestly class considers itself divinely chosen to be on top of the Hindu hierarchy just as Israeli Jews consider themselves superior over all others, non-Jews whom they call gentiles. Zauqi Shah states that Brahmins of India consider themselves as children of God i.e. Brahma which is actually a reference to Prophet Ibrahim (a.s). His theory carries weight because “Brahman” or "Brahmin" was a priestly class that ruled during Ur Dynasty in Mesopotamia around 2200 BC, the same place where Prophet Ibrahim (a.s) received his prophethood and revelation. 

Anglo-Brahmin Alliance & The Caste System

To understand the social structure of the Indian society during colonial period the British conducted a census for which they resorted to the ancient Hindu texts for solution. The texts defined different castes. Since the language and interpretation of texts was under the aegis of priestly class of Brahmins, the British referred to them for understanding and establishing caste system to define the societal structure into various levels. Kevin Hobson, a Canadian historian of British Empire explains in his "Indian Caste System and the British" that unlike modern India, Brahmins were never dominant in pre-colonial India. A quick observation of any non-Muslim ruling families shows that majority were Kshatriyas, Vaishya and even lower groups. Hence “is not difficult to imagine a situation where, Brahmins, seeing the ascendancy of British power, allied themselves to this perceived new ruling class and attempted to gain influence through it. By establishing themselves as authorities on the caste system they could then tell the British what they believed the British wanted to hear and what would most enhance their own position. Therefore, the census information that was finally published was filled with conceptions that would seem to be downright deceitful to those about whom the information was written. The flood of petitions protesting caste rankings following the 1901 census would appear to bear witness to this.” Additionally, the British also employed the studies of phrenology and anthropology, very active in 19th century in Western academia, that took physical features and human physiology in to consideration to determine which caste was better, stronger in terms of race purity and how they could serve British interests. This resulted in a racist concept of Indian society which did not exist in pre-colonial times.

Professor Uthaya Naidu in his “Bible of the Aryan Invasions” says that administration in the British Indian Empire was mainly cornered by the Brahmins. British rule led to increasing Brahmin dominance. Brahmins entered the British administration and newly created urban professions in disproportionately large numbers. Naidu says that William Jones (1746 – 1794) the foremost Indologists of his time was a great admirer of the Indo-Aryan history in the Indian subcontinent, especially the lasting ethnic division in India between descendants of indigenous Indians (Dravidians) and those of the Aryans. Jones, a judge at the Supreme Court in British India, also a philologist was well versed in Sanskrit and ancient Hindu texts of Vedas and Manusmriti, the 2 Indo-Aryan Vedic period texts (1750-500 BCE) that explain the Varna (caste) system officially added in to Vedic teachings by the Aryan Brahmins to stay on top of the hierarchy. Manusmriti, regarded as authoritative book on Hindu law acknowledges and justifies the Varna (caste) system. The Varna divides Hindus into four main categories - Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and the Shudras. Later a fifth group was formed; although not officially considered a Varna, the Chalandalas or “untouchables”, considered even lower than humans. It was Jones’s ideas taken up by colonial administrators such as the Herbert Hope Risley who enforced this system in India. During pre-colonial times, under Muslims, Varna was never practiced as a social class system, it was more of a spiritual status within karma belief (reincarnation) and provided opportunity for lower caste persons to rise through actions. But the formal enforcement of this belief system by British pushed and classified the tribes and peoples into permanent socio-economic spaces resulting in racist culture.

By formally enforcing the caste system, the British divided the diverse culture of India into a rigid system of groups and races. The most unfortunate part about the enforcement was that hundreds of tribes opposed to British or carried the potential to, were categorized into a certain caste that made their life miserable. Tribes such as Gujjars or Chamars were placed into the Criminal Tribes Act which declared them criminal by birth and assigned them to certain area of concentration and restricted their movement. To avoid such designations many tribes sought to be included in upper castes of Aryan Brahmins and Rajputs (Kshatriyas) who were considered to be in the good books of the British. This resulted in loyalty to the British and assisted them to maintain authority through divide and rule principle. As Kevin states “In and of itself, this definitely shows that the actions of the British in classifying and enumerating castes within the census had heightened indigenous awareness of the caste system and had added an economic aspect that the Indian people were willing and anxious to exploit.”

Theosophy, Nazism and Rise of Hindutva Nationalism

In India the due credit for independence from British usually goes to Hindu reformist movements and their leaders but very seldom Muslims are credited for their earlier and greater role of armed Jihad (struggle). Muslims participation in freedom struggle was much more, in proportion to their small percentage (25% - 18th century census) of the total Indian population. Muslims were less yet their armed Jihad against British started in early 1800s whence there was no sign of Brahmin led Hindu movements. The toughest resistance to British was by Muslim Kingdom of Mysore during Anglo-Mysore wars. Brave mujahideen leaders like Begum Hazrat Mahal, Barkat Ahmad, Maulvi Ahmadullah Shah, whom even British were forced to praise, are not given due credit by Brahmin dominated education system of India. Hindu reform movements primary led by Hindu Brahmins only started in late 19th century. These were no threat really to British because there was already a social alliance that British shared with Brahmins. In fact, the British were even responsible for intellectual development of the Hindu Brahmins and their followers through their education system.

The Europeans had such a great admiration for their Aryan cousins in India that Aryan Religions (Aryan Hinduism, Aryan Buddhism and Aryan Jainism) spread like wildfire in Europe. The Theosophical Society of Europe was the primary medium of that spread. Theosophy, a form of a Western esotericism or Spiritualism, was started by Helena Blavatsky, a Russian-German philosopher. She and her partner Henry Olcott (1832 – 1907), a retired US military officer, established their Theosophical mission in British held India after officially converting to Buddhism. Blavatsky started Theosophy by incorporating many beliefs of the ancient oriental religions, primarily Hinduism and Buddhism and revived them into a new era philosophy. Blavatsky’s concept of a “fifth root race” is her interpretation of ancient human history where this race called Aryans were the best race in today’s world and it is this race from which evolved the Hindus and their ancient scripture Vedas. She somehow categorized them in to two types: The Hindus and the Europeans, were descended from the Aryan race. She also claimed that Germans were evolved from Aryans.

Theosophy focused on reviving old teachings and religions which inspired German thinkers like Guido Von List (1848 – 1919 CE) and others to revive old German paganism and tradition which led towards the formation of Thule society and resulted in Ariosophy, a philosophy of supremacy of German Aryan race and eventual formation of Nazi party that was led by Hitler. Much of Nazi ideology and imagery came from the symbols and history of ancient India such as the Swastika which is common in Hinduism also.

The Theosophical society was instrumental in revival of Buddhism and Hinduism philosophy and education system in British held Sri Lanka & India. In Sri Lanka within 50 years the society increased number of schools from 3 to 429! After independence from British, Sri Lanka was taken over by Sinhalese Buddhists who believe in supremacy of their Aryan roots and religion over all others on the footsteps of Hindu Aryan nationalism. In India, Blavatsky and Henry also made an alliance with Hindu reform movements such as Arya Samaj, started by a Brahmin named Dayanand Saraswati. The Arya Samaj aim was proselytization of Hinduism among all non-Hindu cultures of India, in particular Muslims who ruled over Hindus for several centuries before British. An Arya Samaj activist Swami Shraddhanand, a Khatri, an upper-class Hindu Kshatriya, started the Shuddhi (purification) movement whose aim was also the conversion of other religious communities to Hinduism. Annie Besant, a British activist and educationist and ardent supporter and member of Theosophical Society worked on a revival of Hindu teachings in India through establishment of many Hindu colleges and universities. Annie Besant received collaboration for her revival of Hindu teachings from Pandit Madan Mohan Malaviya, a Brahmin and another Hindu reformist leader whose organization called Hindu Mahasaba believes in Hindu Rashtra (Supremacy) over all others and conversion of Muslims and Christians whom they believed were converted from Hinduism in the past. Malaviya opposed to any separate legislature for Muslims in the future government setup in India and also prevented Hindus to participate with Muslims in the Khilafat movement which opposed British policies in the Middle East. Today Hindu Mahasaba is allied with ruling BJP regime and their pro RSS Hindutva mission that actively targets Muslim and Islam in India. 

It’s quite interesting to note that Besant, a British woman, allied with Brahmins became leader of the Indian National Congress, the party that led the Independence Movement in India against British! The Indian National Congress was founded by a British named Allan Octavian Hume (1829-1912), an imperial officer and friend of Lord Ripon, British viceroy of India. A Viceroy ruled India on behalf of Britain. The party was dominated by Brahmin Hindus, the group that supported the racist caste system established by British. Jawaharlal Nehru, a Kashmiri Brahmin, another Congress Leader who also led the independence movement, and became the first Prime Minister of modern India, was actually in a not so secret love relationship with the British viceroy’s Lord Mountbatten’s wife.

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, an independence movement leader and another Brahmin, served as president of Hindu Mahasaba. He authored Hindutva (1923), which means Hinduness. His ideology was adopted by Keshav Baliram Hedgewar who started the RSS organization, an extreme right-wing militant Hindu organization that believed in supremacy of Hindus on the footsteps of Nazi Germans. Hedgewar was also a Brahmin. Savarkar had also praised Zionism and their illegal colonial settlement: “If the Zionists’ dreams are ever realized – if Palestine becomes a Jewish state – it will gladden us almost as much as our Jewish friends.” Savarkar was against Indian delegation in UN supporting idea of a 2 nation states for Jews and Palestinians. He favored a larger Jewish homeland and smaller Arab state. M. S. Golwalkar, another prominent RSS member, drew parallels from the Zionist movement’s essentials of “country, race, religion, culture and language” for their Hindutva ideology. On the other hand Savarkar also heaped praises on Hitler and his treatment of Jews (this was before Holocaust). He admired the anti-Jewish legislation by Nazis, a way to assimilate the minority into German white majority, suggesting a similar fate for Muslims In India living under majority Hindus.

Another interesting character was Savitri Devi, born Maximiani Julia Portas, to a French father and English mother. She was foremost European admirers of Hitler and Indo-Aryan culture. She moved to India, adopted Hinduism and married Asit Krishna Mukherji, a Brahmin, and admired especially the Aryan suppression of non-Aryans through caste system. Savitri’s major work A Son of God: The Life and Philosophy of Akhnaton, King of Egypt was published by the Theosophical Society. Mukherji was a writer and supported Nazi Germany and Aryan Racism and even became the mediator between Nazis and Hindu nationalist leader, a Brahmin named Subhash Chandra Bose. 

Conquest of India or Ghazwa E Hind? - An Islamic Prophecy

With India’s ever increasing extremist nationalism and bilateral ties with Zionist Israel and their collaborative threat to Muslims within their own borders and beyond, we can understand why and how the conquest of Hind, that Prophet Muhammad ﷺ prophesied in the end of times will take place. The Quran speaks about an alliance of “Jews and Idol worshipers” in the following verse: (Al Quran 5:82) "Certainly you will find the most violent of people in enmity for those who believe (to be) the Jews and those who are Idol Worshipers…" The only time that Jews and Idol Worshipers allied in hostility towards Muslims was during Prophet’s time and since then we have never noticed this happen in Islamic history till modern times! Hence this ayah is a clear prophecy of the Hindutva and Zionist alliance against Islam and Muslims.

If this nexus continues to persecute Muslims within their own territory and also attack and occupy regional Muslim countries then we can expect the fulfillment of following prophecy in which Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said: “There are two groups of my Ummah whom Allah will free from the Fire: The group that invades al-Hind (India), and the group that will be with 'Isa bin Maryam, peace be upon him.'" (Sunan An Nasai – Kitab Al Jihad 3175) Keeping in mind other ahadith related to the subject such as Isa ibn Maryam (alaihi salaam) descending and fighting Dajjal, a strong Jewish leader, most likely a Zionist Israeli leader, we can get an idea about that “group that will be with Isa ibn Maryam”. In order to identify that group we need to refer to another hadith that clearly mentions conquest of Jerusalem: “Black banners shall emerge from Khurasaan, and no force will be able to stop them until they are inserted in Aelia (Jerusalem).” (Jami at-Tirmidhi 2269) It’s quite evident that Israel has unilaterally declared Occupied East Jerusalem as its capital, an illegal move and continues demolition of Palestinian homes for Zionist Jewish settlers. Hence we can imagine that by the time Isa (alaihi salaam) descends Jerusalem would be the capital of Israel which explains why that army will conquer Jerusalem. Khurasaan is the historic land between modern-day Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan but its heart is Afghanistan, the place where Taliban are struggling to form their Islamic Emirate and have recently defeated US and its allies, staunchest supporters of Zionist Israel. 2ndly the prophecy about “a group that invades al-Hind (India)” must be allies with the group that will assist Isa (alaihi salaam) for no other reason that India must be conspiring with Dajjal and his Zionist state for some time against Islam and Muslim, which is very evident with the modern Islamophobic alliance between Israel & India. The Islamic scholars refer to the end of times conquest of India as Ghazwa e Hind i.e. Campaign or Expedition of India, when an Islamic army will conquer India. 


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