The Cure for Procrastination
By Naseeha Tayob

Overcoming Procrastination and Becoming more Productive.

Published in: Self
Date: 06 / 09 / 20

So we’ve discussed procrastination and why it happens. But how do you overcome it and become more productive. Here are some tips to take action and cure yourself (because it can feel like an incurable disease, remember?):

Prioritize: Procrastination can be difficult to maintain. While you’re busy not doing anything, you’re carry around a load of nagging guilt all the time. Survival tip: Quit. Quit the procrastination. The load of work to complete is lighter than a load of guilt. Learn to say no to thoughts of procrastinating thoughts and ideas.

Discard the distractions: Create an environment that is clean and clear from all distractions will help you get a lot more done in a shorter time. Close yourself from the world if you have to - close the door and turn off your devices.

Keep the end goal in mind: By beginning with the end in mind, you are more committed to why you’re doing it. If you’re working towards gaining more clients than last month or hitting a new goal at the gym, holding that vision in mind will inspire you until you’ve completed your tasks. The more you focus on that vision, your energy will work in your favor. The momentum will keep growing. Holding that vision will allow you to focus more, work smarter and feed your inspiration.

Urgency: A smart way to get down to work is to think about your tasks as very urgent. Write it down in your diary or to-do list as one of the first things to complete or work it in to your routine at the earliest. Don’t make the mistake of rushing through your tasks “just to get it done." This helps to eliminate about 70% of your fears already. 

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