Spiritual Spring Cleaning Pt.1
By Naseeha Tayob

Here’s the thing - following the Quraan and Sunnah will have you living your best life! Part 1 - The Mind

Published in: Self, Health
Date: 07 / 08 / 20

Perspective - Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said, “Allah said, ‘I am to my slave as he thinks of me.’ Highest expectations of Allah (swt) is an act of worship. Our creator is most merciful and in expecting the best of Allah (swt), we will see His mercy on us. Especially when we’re experiencing difficulty. This means praying with conviction that what you ask will be answered and when you repent, you will be forgiven because He is most Forgiving.

Gratitude Attitude - Allah (swt) says “And when proclaimed your Lord, "If you are thankful, surely I will increase you; but if you are ungrateful indeed, My punishment (is) surely severe.” (Quraan 14:7). Mankind has been blessed beyond belief. Many of these blessings and mercies were given to us without our asking for it. The amount of gratitude we owe to our Creator is more than we can imagine. Alhamdullilah for everything. He even tells us that He will give more IF WE ARE GRATEFUL. How merciful is our Lord.

Clean the Conversation - Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said “Speak a good word or remain silent.” What we speak about should be good, clean and kind in nature. Perhaps I should mention that constantly speaking of negative stories from the news is not a good idea either. We should be firm in keeping our conversations healthy and in harmony with the Quraan and Sunnah. Spread good news and refrain from spoiling your energy by engaging in gossip and complaining.

Taqwaa - Developing an awareness of Allah (swt) allows awareness of your thoughts and actions at all times. We become cautious of engaging even in small, minor sins because you will have gained an understanding that Allah (swt) is constantly watching. This awareness encourages excellence in everything to gain the pleasure of Allah (swt).

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