Quran on Space Exploration and Asteroids
By Zaid Shah

Islamic Eschatology & Scheming of Yajuj Majuj (Gog Magog)

Published in: Science
Date: 18 / 11 / 19

Allah ﷻ created ozone layer, which protects earth from harmful UV rays, small asteroids and meteorites that turn to dust before entering earth’s atmosphere: “and We made the sky a well-secured canopy- yet from its wonders they turn away.” However large asteroids can penetrate earth’s atmosphere and even appear at our doorstep unannounced. Modern Astronomy accepts the fact of their penetration but doesn’t realize that Allah ﷻ sends them to teach a lesson, especially to godless, of His Might & Existence: “AND YET, if they [who refuse to see the truth] were to see part of the sky falling down, they would [only] say, "[It is but] a mass of clouds!” Hence, leave them alone until they face that [Judgment] Day of theirs…the Day when none of their scheming will be of the least avail to them, and they will receive no help...” Recently ‘Asteroid 2019 OK’ also called ‘city killer asteroid’ appeared and stunned scientists because they had not been tracking this one, it seemingly appeared “out of nowhere”. As this huge asteroid passed by us, interestingly one of the authors of the report said “it is zero percent danger to us.” A significantly smaller meteor in 2013 hit Russian city of Chelyabinsk with its impact injuring 1200 people. Nuclear detonation to destroy them or change their course are options on the table. But the most viable solution for asteroids on short notices, like Asteroid 2019, is detonation through missiles or nuclear weapons. A reference to this phenomena of space object destruction is also found in Islamic Eschatology subject where arrogant forces of Gog & Magog “will shoot their arrows towards the sky …and they will say: "We have defeated the people of earth and dominated the people of heaven."” But Allah ﷻ destroys them for their arrogance. 

Zaid Shah

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