By Umair Malik

On the recent privacy policy released by whstsapp

Published in: Science
Date: 27 / 06 / 21

WhatsApp has come up with new privacy policy which states that WhatsApp can share users data with Facebook with or without the users consent. However, we've recently come across the news, in which Facebook was sued by Cambridge Analytica for sharing the personal data of millions of users, shockingly it was Mark Zuckerberg himself who accepted the data breaches and was fined for the same. And also there have been some instances where Facebook manufactured robots (AI) got outta control and began to talk in their own language which even manufacturers couldn't understand and were made to shut down forcibly before they could create any kind untowardly.

What we can conclude from this is, our data, privacy is never safe. It can be used anytime for any means positive or negative, mostly negative i believe.

Everything we do on social media platforms from tapping a like to sharing photos, from fingerprint phone locks to the biometric systems every bit is being recorded. This data is oft-times sold by these tech giants to the local Govts for tracking, advertising, to control people's likes, dislikes, decisions, thoughts and to personalize our daily life the way they want. There are a number of disadvantages of social media other than these mentioned which we can not even perceive nor we were ever told about those disadvantages that have been check-mate by the advantages.

Of course our data hence privacy has already been stolen, it doesn't mean we should welcome everything they come up with. it's we who kept clicking on 'Agree' button without giving a damn about those Terms and Conditions, but it's not too late yet, we can still change the narrative and save generations from falling into the pit.

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