KNOW - The Oneness of Allah ﷻ
By Zaid Shah

112 Surah Al Ikhlaas (Chapter of 'The Purity of Faith') in Quran - The litmus test of theology

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Date: 24 / 06 / 19

The Concept of God is the root of all religions and Islam has preserved the purity of this concept within just four verses of the Quran. Under the light of these, anyone claiming to be god or alleged to be god can easily be tested. Only a true God can fit in the description of these verses:

Say “He is the One God”

Meaning there cannot be a second or third, because if there is then there will occur dispute in regards to power sharing, as goes the famous saying: ‘two kings cannot occupy one throne’.

“God the Eternal, the Uncaused Cause of all that Exists.”

If God existed from a particular point in time, then He cannot be God because God is someone above space and time, Who created it and everything in it. Apart from Him everything else in the entire universe is transient due to its history of existence. God is someone uncreated, One who is Eternal, Who created everything i.e. the primary cause of all that exists. Since He is the primary cause of everything then He truly must be Uncaused.

“He begets not neither is He Begotten”.

Allah ﷻ is neither male nor female. Gender and opposites belong only to His creation. If He has children then He has likeness and cannot be unique. If He has parents then He is not Eternal, and both do not fit in the theological definition of God.

“And there is nothing that could be compared with Him.”

The moment we compare anything in the entire universe with God then He ceases to be God. Creator creates the creation and is above all creation! God can only be someone unique and cannot resemble His creation.

Such is the concept of God in Islam available in all its purity.

Zaid Shah

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