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By Zaid Shah

Difference between the term Allah and the word God

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Date: 22 / 06 / 19

Allah ﷻ means God but is not exactly the same. One can play with the English word ‘god’ which cannot be done with the Arabic term Allah. You can add apostrophe ‘s’ to make plural ‘gods’ or ‘ess’ to make a female ‘goddess’ or ‘father’, ‘mother’, to make it ‘godfather’ or ‘godmother’. This proves there is much potential for corruption in the English word God, we can twist it as we wish. However, this is not possible with Allah ﷻ in Arabic.

Firstly, the term Allah is a combination of two words al, which means ‘the’, and ilah, which means ‘God’, these two letters combined mean ‘The God’. This tells us He is not just God, He is in fact ‘The God’ meaning one and only. Additionally the term Allah cannot be played with by adding Arabic alphabets which maintains its uniqueness. The Arabic term Allah consists of four letters: Alif, Lam, Lam, Ha. What’s even more amazing that if we tried separating each letter of this term then it becomes more meaningful in explaining the concept of One True God:

If we subtract the first letter Alif, we are left with remaining two: Lam Lam Ha, pronounced as Lillah, which means Everything Belongs to Allah. If we only subtract first Lam without Alif then it becomes ilah which means God.

If we subtract the Alif and second letter Lam, we are left with two: Lam Ha, pronounced as Lahu, which means Everything to Him.

If we subtract the second Lam also then we are left with only Ha pronounced as Hu which means The One Whose identity is hidden and no one knows but Him.

No matter what letter you take out, the essence of Allah ﷻ remains. All Praise is due to Allah ﷻ, the Lord of the entire creation!

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