Is Pre-marital relationship allowed in Islam
By Syed Fasiullah Hussaini

One of the questions that spam our inbox is “AS MUSLIMS, Can we have sex before marriage?”

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Date: 25 / 02 / 23

One of the questions that spam our inbox is “Can we have sex before marriage? ”Initially it was quite disturbing to read many of it, but then we decided to address it for the benefit of the Ummah.

The answer to the question is a big “NO”

Allah says in the Quran

“And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is ever an immorality and is evil as a way.” – Qur’an 17:32

Here Allah mentions as “Do not even come near it”, which implies u shouldn’t be even walking the path that might lead you to zina such as touching, kissing, being alone etc. You wouldn’t know, it might start very small and one day you will find yourself encircled in a huge sin- all these small sins stacked up and on top of it a huge sin that deserves double the punishment.

Many of you are unaware that Allah mentions in the Quran

They are those who do not invoke any other God besides Allah, nor take a human life— made sacred by Allah— except with legal right, nor commit fornication. And whoever does any of this; will face the penalty. Their punishment will be multiplied on the Day of Judgment, and they will remain in it forever, in disgrace. – Qur’an 25:68-69.

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Syed Fasiullah Hussaini

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He is an Islamic Researcher based in Hyderabad - India. His areas of interest are Islamic history, Prophetic Medicine, Eschatology, Geopolitics, & Qur'anic Sciences

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