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Alsalam alikum shikh Omran
I am syrian and i am very glad that you explain in your last lectures the reality and a truth about what's going on in Syria.jazaka Allah alkhir
12th February 2014 7:45am
Noreen Shahbaz
Brother,Sheikh Infant Hussein,
I am fan of your lectures. Thank you, Kazak Allah Khair. Your lectures made my iman more clear. I as a Pak American citizen requesting you to deliver a lecture addressing Pakistani muslims & Taliban of Pakistan. A lecture to guide them what is wrong they are doing & which direction should they go. I will be waiting for it.
19th January 2014 9:10pm
Adeel Qureshy
Salam Shiekh-I have one last question are GoG and Magog from Khazar empire(Europeans masquerading as Jews aka fake Jews)??? jus like in the crusades u had Europeans masquerading as Christians( knights of templar and priory of Zion secret societies which existed in the crusades)
11th November 2013 6:19am
Adeel Qureshy
Salam Walikum Shiekh Imran- I had a question about Saudi the rulers??? There's been a a lot of speculation that they are secretly Jewish in faith??! what's your thoughts on that??? I asked a question several months which was similar to this but I accidentally deleted....
11th November 2013 3:46am
arif ibrahim
Imran sahab your lectures are so inspiring and encouraging...that many muslims and non-muslims around the globe are by leaps and bounds watching your videos with much enthusiasm and curiosity. Great work keep it up..May Allah bless u in your endeavour and may ummis like us learn so much from you in this present time of darkness....(Amin).
6th May 2013 2:09pm
Abdulrahman Yousef Jaberti
I believe the great war which look like the first and the second world war is getting closer, while Turkey is about to attack Syria soon may be within few months or weeks. Day like a week is about to commence soon, as i see the U.S dollar and the economy is about to melt down. Brother i enjoyed your lectures so much, and i hope to meet you in Malaysia soon. Send me your contact number to be in touch with you, may Allah bless you brother. Thank you!
6th May 2013 8:40am
Asalamaleykum Dear brothers and sisters ... It is amazing to see that our community is waking up I thought it was just me in the UK struggling to get answers from scholars and some sufi sheikhs as we are trying to eat healthy food halal in sense of tayab sadly in bham there is so many muslims but many say that gm food is blessed when they do dua over it it has been a struggle to convince the local sufi community and salafis and wahabi dudes . My friend Akiki organics in pershore worcester Read More
5th May 2013 5:46pm
Salam To All,I would just like to ask one question.Is it possible that the Judeo-Pagan alliance are trying to restructure the borders of the entire Middle East to paved the way for a new Akkadian Empire and in the process,attempt to destroy Mecca as well?.
2nd May 2013 11:31pm
A Brother
Salaam brother/Sister, the destruction of the house of Kabah is imminent as i recall it being a prophecy, maybe stated by shaykh imran hosein but i am not enitrely sure. The destruction of the Kabah is not important as the house itself is not what is sacred but the location as a guiding point. If destroyed in shaa Allah it will be rebuilt again. The Judeo-Christian-Pagan alliance will most likely be paving its way through the world to gain economic military and spiritiual dominance over every Read More
3rd May 2013 6:07am
Salem ahlikoum.
Serait - il possible de voir cette vidéo sous titrée en langue française ? Baraka Allah oufikoum
1st May 2013 7:36pm
Nour seeker
To Allam; America is not happy with the winning of Madoro ( Chavez successor) over the guy of the opposition and are asking the government to re-do the election in Venezuela. America did not do the same with Egypt when the Ikhwan won. also is not doing any serious reaction against the chaos caused by Ikhwan. from the above I conclude that America wants the Ikhwan to be in charge to maintain the chaos and to creat a righteous cause for invading Egypt when needed and to offer the world a Read More
1st May 2013 11:45am
Walaikum asalam brother, I personally do not have a direct contact with the ulema here in Kashmir. But yes my family does keep in touch with the ulema running various Darul Uloom here. Do let me know if Shaykh Imran would like to get into contact with the Muslim community here. I will do whatever I am able to. If at any time Shaykh Imran does make a plan to visit the Indian side Kashmir, let me know if I can be of any help. It would be very beneficial if Shaykh Imran would make a video Read More
20th April 2013 6:58am
A Brother
Dear Sabreen, i think you misunderstood me. I am not writing on behalf of Shaykh Imran Hosein, but rather as a concerned Kashmiri. I really would like to have contact with someone there who would be able to enlighten me about the situation there and help organise greater awareness about issues not only discussed by Shaykh Imran Hosein but also other Ulama`s more well known across the Muslim Ummah. Please do get in touch through my email and we can discuss further matter Read More
1st May 2013 11:58am
A brother in Islam
Asalaam o Alaikum,

Greetings dear Sabreen, would you happen to have any direct contact with the islamic community or specifically the ulama there in Kashmir who would be able to or willing to, go out and spread some of the knowledge acquired by the Shaykh. Jazakallah Khairan in advance.

kind regards,

A brother in Islam.
19th April 2013 10:07pm
19th April 2013 9:33am
Asalamalaikum. I am a student of Shaykh Imran from Kashmir. I wanted to watch this video, but it says "it is not available in your country". Please can you help me in this. I want to be updated by the latest videos of Shaykh Imran.
18th April 2013 4:08am
mandy maya
assalamalykom sheikh............ have you ever been to australia any chance to come!! just wanted you to know that you nearly might convert someone who is austailan to islam (seems to be a bit far my hubby gave sooo much info on islam from various scholars but about 3 to 4 years later he out of the blue mentioned your name and lectueres i and hubby never heard of u before but now we do muhsallah may allah reward u and very much looking forward to listening to u more... so much good on this Read More
17th April 2013 10:26am
allam mohammed allam
hope to join with sheikh imran
am egyption ask allah to bless u sheikh imran
what do u think about events and Al ekhwan in egypt sheikh?
i love u in allah أنا أحبك فى الله
25th March 2013 11:51am
as slm alkm wr wb

may allah swt grant with the best in this dunya and in the akhira -ameen!

would someone please be so kind to post the lecture of sheikh imran n. hosein from 11 march 2013 topic: the zionist attack on syria - i am searching and waiting for this lecture more than a week and can not find it anywhere in the internet - please help! thank you!

as slm alkm wr wb!
20th March 2013 6:01pm
Danesh Butt
This a great vid !
1st March 2013 3:53pm
We pray to Allah to give the sheikh more health to continue with the world da'awa that is awakening muslims from their deadly sleep to a position of greatness amen summa amen.
21st February 2013 1:13pm
Imran N. Hosein
Ma Shah Allah for all your wonderful efforts. May Allah bless you all. Ameen!

with love,

Imran N. Hosein
18th February 2013 10:49am
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