Why Scientism is Wrong

Published in: Science
Date: 01 / 08 / 19

Hamza Tzortzis explains the popular modern philosophy called Scientism. Differentiating between Science and Scientism is very important. While Science has revolutionized our lives, the idea of scientism is highly incoherent and illogical. Unfortunately most atheists today, adhere to this ideology. It is crucial for modern Muslim youth to be well versed with these ideas and contrast them with how Science was advanced in the Muslim world. The Muslim world witnessed 800 glorious years of science and philosophy, but the consensus of Muslim orthodoxy was that the highest form of knowledge is the Quran. Science and all empirical knowledge was but one step in the path of the seeker of truth. Unfortunately, some modern scientists have taken this one step as the ultimate destination, the end all and be all of Knowledge!




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