The Qiblah, Flat Earth and Islamic Geography

Episode 9 of the Second Golden Age

Published in: World, Science
Date: 26 / 06 / 19

What do the five daily prayers mean to modern muslims? Connecting with Allah, a spiritual boost, a religious obligation etc. For the early Muslims, the five daily prayers were all this and more.... Did you know that the Prayer was the primary reason for the development for particular sciences within the Muslim world. In a previous episode ( we showed how Astronomy was introduced, developed and improved primarily because of the need to calculate Prayer timings. And now this episode sheds some light on the calculation of the Qiblah.

Now this is still not a very well known fact that in the Golden Age of Islam, science did not just happen to coexist with Islam. rather Islam, the Quran and certain Islamic practices made the development of science a necessity. So next time you pray, remember that some geniuses from the Muslim world invented Spherical Trigonometry just so that we can get to know the Qiblah, wherever we are !

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