Islam and the Physical Structure of the Universe

Published in: Science
Date: 17 / 05 / 19

There have been two physical theories about the structure of the universe within the Islamic world, namely: Atomism (theory of atoms and accidents) and Hylomorphism (theory of matter and form). The former was generally adopted by Muslim theologians (Mutakallimeen), while the latter was the view attributed to Muslim philosophers (Falasifah). You may wonder what Islam has to do with physics? This video is dedicated to clarifying these two theories and their relevance to Muslims theology & metaphysics.

About the author

Sheikk Usman Ali holds an Alimiyyah degree and has taught at various Islamic Institutes. He is also an Associate Lecturer and a PhD candidate at the University of Portsmouth and holds a Chartered Scientist Award. Currently, he works as a Senior Specialist in Haematology with clinical laboratory and research roles.‚Äč

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