Consciousness and Naturalism

Published in: Science
Date: 01 / 08 / 19

From the time we started the Second Golden Age, we have insisted that in the Golden Age of Islam, the pursuit of 'science' was also considered a path leading to God, as the Quran emphasizes on the reflection and pondering over the physical world. But fast forward to today, science somehow has been turned into a tool for the most prominent of atheists. We asked why? It so happens that modern science is practiced on the premise of a few assumptions and philosophies. one of those is Naturalism. This is a limited framework that insists that everything that happens in the universe has to have a 'natural' and 'physical' explanation, even if it points to the supernatural. This talk by Hamza Tzortzis was part of our earlier conferences at KNOW held in 2013, but it beautifully opens up the subject of science, its philosophy and how these have changed over time.




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