The Art of Critical Thought - Masterclass

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  • Total Lesson: 1
  • Course length: 30 mins
  • Course level: Beginner
  • Author: Sheikh Imran Hosein
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The Art of Critical Thought - Masterclass

Course Overview

How do we gather meaning when there is so much confusion? Where does one even start? Even scholars and other Muslims can't agree about what is going on - so what hope is there for the rest of us? This practical masterclass will help to filter out all the mass confusion and provide in its stead some much-needed clarity about the reality affecting us and our families every single day. Looking at both avoidance of mass media and disinformation, and applying a simple, easy-to-understand and effective methodology to acquiring knowledge, you too will be able to find a way to see beyond the fog and discern what real truth is, amidst the falsehoods rife in our world. This will be a vital skill to possess going forward, and your journey starts here!
What You Learn
  • Quran
  • Critical Thinking

Lesson Overview

Lesson 1 – The Art of Critical Thinking
The Quran emphasizes on contemplation and reflection on its verses as well as the physical world around. The Golden age of Islam was built by means of this practice and the earlier Muslims reached great heights of knowledge- spiritual, rational and scientific when they made the Quran the ultimate source and object of their contemplation. Can we say the same for Modern muslims?

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