Muamalat Masterclass - The End of Economics and the Future of Trade

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  • Total Lesson: 16
  • Course length: 11 hours
  • Course level: Intermediate
  • Author: Shaykh Umar Vadillo
Price: $ 1.00
Students Enrolled: 5

Muamalat Masterclass - The End of Economics and the Future of Trade

Course Overview

This subject of Muamalat is the most important in our time. Ibadat is knowledge of the relationship between us and Allah. Whereas Muamalat is the relationship between humans. Social, political, economic affairs. Two thirds of Fiqh is all about Muamalat. This course will revive this knowledge that has been ignored, neglected and even worse, at times, completely re-rewritten -- in compliance with the world order created after World War 2 -- run by a new ideology called capitalism, by banks and by its legal framework, Constitutionalism. This has legalized central banks, paper money and national debt -- the three elements foundational to the sustaining of the world order set up by the victors of the said war. This subject, Muamalat, is something that cannot be avoided. One cannot say it does not affect me. We are are affected whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not, whether it feels comfortable or terribly uncomfortable. Muamalat has almost totally vanished. The obstacles thrusted upon us can be overcome through Muamalat.
What You Learn
  • Islamic Finance
  • Muamalat
  • Economics
  • Riba

Lesson Overview

Outline and Introduction
Lesson 1 – Course Outline
An Outline of the Course.
Lesson 2 – Introduction to Muamalat: What Happened to Us?
How did we arrive in this present condition where riba is so prevalent, parading around us while we are seemingly paralized?
Lesson 3 – Knowledge of Allah
We bear witness there is no God but Allah. How do we use this knowledge to bring about a darul Islam?
The Fundamentals of Muamalat
Lesson 4 – Markets, Caravans & Guilds
Close our eyes and try to reconstruct the city of Madinah. This is where the model was born, and it is here we will learn how it was, and how it should be for us.
Lesson 5 – Money and Contracts
Now we're talking. Money and contracts - the tool of modern capitalism. Learn how they are supposed to be used.
Lesson 6 – The Politics of Muamalat & the Prohibition of Riba
This is the most important lesson to know...
Lesson 7 – End the Fed & Fiat Money
Now you know a bit about the Islamic model, here's a reminder of how the current system works, for comparison.
Lesson 8 – Implementation of Muamalat
Ok, ok. Enough theory. How do we implement this?
Lesson 9 – Return to Dar Al Islam
The ultimate aim?
Lesson 10 – Political Discourse and Hegemony
This lecture explores the Political Discourse of Muamalat and how capitalism has today taken this hegemony. In analyzing this, understanding muamalat allows you to see things that are otherwise hidden.
Lesson 11 – Why are most people unfamiliar with Muamalat?
Lesson 12 – Questions about the Marketplace
Lesson 13 – What is the role of students in this movement?
Lesson 14 – What would a modern marketplace look like?
Lesson 15 – What is the relationship between guilds and tariqahs?
Lesson 16 – Mualamalat and the Internet

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