Banking 101 - by Positive Money

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  • Total Lesson: 6
  • Course length: 58 mins
  • Author: KNOW Team
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Banking 101 - by Positive Money

What You Learn
  • How money is created
  • How the banking system works
  • The misconceptions around banking
Course includes
  • Money in the modern economy: an introduction
  • Money creation in the modern economy
  • Liquidity Forecasting
  • S&P Creating Deposits
  • A Guide to the Bank of England's Real Time Gross Settlement System
  • Bank of England Q4 2010 Quarterly Bulletin

Lesson Overview

Lesson 1 – Part 1 - Misconceptions Around Banking
Before we discover how banks really work, and how money is created, first to clear up any confusion, we need to see what’s wrong about the way that most people think banks work.
Lesson 2 – Part 2 - What's wrong with the multiplier model?
Most students and graduates get taught about something called the ‘money multiplier’. In this video we’ll show that it’s an inaccurate and outdated way of describing how the banking system works.
Lesson 3 – Part 3 - How do banks really create money?
See how commercial banks can create money through the accounting process they use when they make loans, how banks make payments between each other using specially created central bank money, if the Bank of England really can control how much money is in the economy …and more.
Lesson 4 – Part 4 - How much money can the banks actually create?
What actually limits how much money the banks can create? Reserve ratios, Liquidity ratios, Capital Adequacy Ratios and/or the Basel accords? Explained in an easy to understand way.
Lesson 5 – Part 5 - Do banks create money or just 'credit'?
You might hear some people say that “Banks don’t create money – they just create credit”. This response often comes from civil servants and people trying to deny that banks now create the nation’s entire money supply. So let us show you why the numbers that banks create are money, and not just ‘credit’.
Lesson 6 – Part 6 - How money gets destroyed
Remember how new money is created when a bank makes a loan? Well, when someone repays the loan, the opposite process happens, and money is actually destroyed. It effectively disappears from the economy entirely. This video explains how.

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