Why you need a life coach
By Naseeha Tayob Ibrahim

Nobody has it easy

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Date: 14 / 11 / 20

Life comes at you with stress and pressure and sometimes, doesn’t it? Time goes by and all you feel is a build up of those emotions, thoughts and feelings. The worst part, the load of work doesn’t getting smaller. There’s a whole lot of things that need to be taken care of - home, health, work, marriage, kids, boss, gym, diet, laundry, deadlines. It starts to pile onto your shoulders and day after day it gets heavier and heavier until you finally break.

This is where you start experiencing a droop in your life. You start falling behind on routine, good habits slowly die out, you deliver work and perform on an average standard and sadly, retreat to your comfort zones where there is a lack of priorities and organization. 

With no priories in check, you do the bare minimum just for the sake of getting the task done and the rest of the time you are too burned out so, you indulge in unhealthy habits, worthless and time-wasting activities - sleeping in, unhealthy food, slap-dash work and no interest in self-care.

If this is you, even in the slightest way, what you need is a fresh perspective.

Enter, Life Coach.

If you are serious about living a quality life where you are the best version of yourself, then a Life Coach plays an important role in that. You can transform your life to reflect your true potential, giving you the ability and motivation to conquer your goals.  

If you don’t know what a Life Coach is, then let me break it down for you…

When a person is in a bad space, they feel a sense of empowerment, from a professional, reflecting that persons strengths and true potential to them. A Life Coach opens a portal to a new mindset where self-discovery is on buffet. The real reason I, personally, enjoy my job as a Life Coach is because I believe every person has greatness, every person has a kind of brilliance and potential that they can bring out.

As a Life Coach, I guarantee you a friend and mentor in one. Someone who is there for you through it all, no judgments. I’ll guide you through the difficulties and challenges. With the right tools and resources, your entire perspective will change and your will believe in yourself and how worthy and deserving you really are. 

A lot of people think that that they can achieve the life they want with the routines and habits they have now. Sometimes it takes a person from the outside, looking in, to point out the things that are holding you back. Taking on the challenge to change by yourself can be overwhelming and scary. This is where a Life Coach can take the stress out of the situation. 

Here are just a few reasons why Life Coach comes in handy if are serious about success - 

“What do I really want?”
The most important question at the start of every coaching program is: 


The right questions will give you the answers. The right questions will inspire powerful conversations with some introspection. Through this, a Life Coach can help show you purpose, potential and priorities. One of the common reasons people take up Life Coaching is because they don’t have any direction in life, but a Life Coach can guide you through a series of goal setting and getting onto a journey that is fulfilling in all aspects. One of the most powerful ways to ensure progress is through accountability and responsibility. A Life Coach will make sure you’re on track and keep you motivated as you work on your goals.

“I just want to be happy”
Research has shown that as much as 70% of your thoughts are negative which has a significant effect on your mood and over time, without the correct action and support, can be dangerous. A Life Coach can teach you to become more mindful of your thoughts and show you just how the wrong ones are harming you. With the use of mindfulness, a Life Coach can then train you to focus on the good thoughts and how to lift your mood, lower your stress levels and improve your overall happiness.

“Greater Self-Confidence”
We are our own worst enemy. Negativity is all around us, most of it in your mind. Many people don’t understand the extent to which the negativity directed at yourself can bring you down and breaks your confidence. With the help of a Life Coach you can find your skills and talents, figure our where your strengths lay and create a life where all these qualities shine. Putting these strengths and skills to use on your new found path, or fitting it into your current path, can boost your self-confidence and raise your levels oh happiness and freedom.

Limiting beliefs, fear, anxiety, inability to let go and move on, emotional baggage, toxic thoughts and behaviors, etc. It could be one of these, some of these or all of these. They are all holding you back from that quality life you deserve. By thinking that you're stuck in current circumstances and that there’s “no hope for me” is a sign of a negative mindset that won’t bring about any change. There is hope. There is always hope. One of the many things offered by a Life Coach program is the ability to become aware of yourself so you notice the harm you do to yourself and then take the correct action to turn the situation around. 

Relationships plays a large role in our lives, right? It takes so many forms - family, friends, employer, colleagues, neighbors, etc. But the most important one is with yourself. It is common knowledge that relationships are built n communication, understanding and resect. While it is normal to have struggles in these relationships, it is most common because the relationship with yourself isn’t right. 

Working with a Life Coach to develop a quality relationship with yourself will lead you to getting to know who you are, understanding yourself and even dealing with your mental and emotional health to bring out your most authentic self. Then, the good energy that comes from a flourishing relationship with yourself, seeps into all your other relationships. This eases any difficulties experiences in current relationships and lessens the chances of future conflict.

Other reasons you would need a Life Coach:

    * You don’t know where to start 
    * You’re lost and feeling hopeless
    * You have no support
    * you don’t have the right influence in your life to keep you going
    * You’ve lost your passion 
    * You’re afraid of failure
    * You’re struggling with your relationships 
    * You don’t know how to manage stress and anxiety 
    * You find it difficult to stick to goals 
    * You don't know how to mange your emotions

Change typically overwhelms a person. But a Life Coach can offer you the right strategies and support to make the journey easier. Life coaches can help you clear the chaos in your mind help you figure our what you want. A Coach and changed perspective are powerful instruments to riding the waves of challenges that life often brings us. 

Perhaps there are issues from your past that are holding you back from moving forward. A Life Coach can help you identify this and assist you in dealing with the emotional baggage that is weighing you down. It can be a scary experience to go back to times when you felt overpowered and traumatized but you can rest assured, a Life Coach will be there for you every step of the way. This is a journey you are guaranteed support. 

Working with a Life Coach will improve your life on so many levels. From finding your purpose to changing your habits, Life Coaching offers a pathway to both discipline and achievement and is  is worth all the time and energy you dedicate to it


Naseeha Tayob Ibrahim

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