The Mother of Knowledge
By Muhammad Ardian Yuli Aliwardana


Published in: Self, Science
Date: 02 / 10 / 19

Marvelous and Amazing Area in Quantum Zone.

Now, science and technology work in light reality. So, the night is lost and the day is all surrounding. Technology work at the above of  the light. Yeah, the light of Quran. Why Quran? Quran come from the God. Allah SWT. So, the great technology and disciplination attiude. The Civilization of Islam.

Islam bring the light of Quran for universe goodness and justification. Back to the light all surrounding Technology. Science and Technology always work in the faith and truth of Islamic Religion.

I wish , we all can improve the QURANIC GENERATION bring the marvelous technology.

Muhammad Ardian Yuli Aliwardana

About the author

I am teacher of nature. Interest with stars and galaxy. like light of Quran. I am learner of Numeric Science .

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