The Gangs of the 21st Century
By Faisal Amjad

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Date: 22 / 03 / 22

“This country was built on gangs. This country is still run on gangs. Republicans, Democrats, the police department, the FBI, the CIA, those are gangs.” ~Tupac Shakur

I completely agree. You know who else we can add to that list?

NATO. The World Economic Forum. WHO. And other elites.

But this type of gang doesn’t threaten you with violence. This gang doesn’t use AK-47s and doesn’t ‘whack’ you. Not overtly, anyway. This gang has the greatest power of all — the power of marketing, the power of influence, the power of immense propaganda.

To control, threaten and bully is still the order of the day — but it is more sophisticated.

In a matter of minutes, you can be ostracised, you can be sanctioned, you can be cast aside. And threatened with worse. Their technology withdrawn. Your reputation in tatters. Pressured and threatened through psyops, through withholding their goods, services and even love. Heck, even your football teams aren’t safe. Neither are your holidays.

When we think of gangs, we think of the mafia, or the bloods and crips. But let’s break them down. What do they all have in common?

Loyalty to the gang trumps all.

They protect their own.

There are social and lifestyle benefits to being part of the gang.

There’s usually a pecking order — the leader and his main henchmen are high value, and the rest are of low value and dispensible.

They are highly influential and often use threatening or leveraged behaviour to get their own way.

There’s often an initiation process

There’s a code of conduct and agreed processes

Compliance to the order is mandatory and cannot be questioned.

They are bastions of CONDITIONAL love only.

Once in, you can never leave without dire consequences.

They commit unsavoury, corrupt and often criminal behaviour.

They intimidate people to get ill-gotten wealth.

There’s always a rival gang or ‘external’ threat

They like to portray themselves as doing ‘good’ in their communities

Civilians often pay them for protection and security.

If you cross them as a civilian, they will force you to comply/agree with their worldview — or threaten you.

How many of these, can you say do not apply to the likes of NATO, WHO, and WEF, in some way?

I have pretty much switched off from the news. I honestly couldn’t tell you what’s going on these days with any great detail — despite being on the cusp of WW3 allegedly.

But I can’t help but notice a sea of blue and yellow everywhere, “in solidarity” with Ukraine. Whatever that means. Much like when BLM was the order of the day. When it dominates the airwaves and pervades into more than everyday culture, when it’s in the Premier League, when the custom Facebook filters arrive, when it is in-your-face, there’s something majorly inauthentic about it. There’s 100% an agenda being pushed of some kind.

It means they want us (or need us) to think like they think. The current narrative needs to be anti-Russia for some reason. So they bring out our favourite celebrities who sing from the same song sheet. All the big companies are fully blooded in gang members, they’ll withdraw their tech and services in Russia and give freebies to Ukrainians. “In solidarity.” Remember at all costs, we need to support Ukraine, no matter what you think or say, they are the good guys! Until they’re not. And the narrative will change overnight — and we will follow like the children following the Pied Piper.

But with all that said, what is the purpose of NATO, the World Economic Forum or any of these gangs? Ultimate, they are trying to achieve an overall objective. And trying to unite everyone around that cause. By foul means or fair. THEIR cause. And believe you, me, it will be sinister. A gang leader always protects HIMSELF first. And he doesn’t care who dies, doing his dirty work. As long as he gets that money, power and respect.

They will use subtle tactics initially of course. Social proof is enough for 80% of the population.

You will think it’s normal. They will bombard you with mass advertising campaigns disguised as news coverage, and bludgeon you (and I use that word deliberately) with technology to distract you, so you smile, nod and go with the flow whilst swiping onto the next TikTok. Your mind, and your attention is a bomb site. It’s full of rubble — that is quite deliberate. So you cannot question it.

We’re all in the crosshairs again. The spiders’ web has got us trapped. So, do we comply and be consumed? Or will we wriggle ourselves free?

Say what you want about gangs like this. They’re horrible psychopaths but bloody effective. They are dastardly but damn good at what they do. But what can we learn from them?

One thing we can learn from them, from an Ummah perspective is they are united. They are strategic. They band together to achieve their aim. And they really, really understand the power of winning hearts and minds through controlling narrative. To achieve their overall aims — there isn’t anything they wouldn’t do. Even if that means to catapult us towards nuclear war, to mask the crash of the economic system.

When will we wake up and stop arguing over frivolities? If now isn’t a good time, then I don’t know when is. defines a gang “as an organized group of criminals”. I honestly can’t think of a more apt description.

To end, for symmetry, I have to quote Tupac again and some sage insight from beyond the grave. And where this is all leading towards.

“See, war is the prophecy, and survival is the strategy.”

But to leave us with hope — because hope is vital — as the Qur’an says, “they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the BEST of planners.”

May Allah protect us all and keep our hearts and minds open to the truth always, ameen.

Faisal Amjad

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A lifelong learner, avid reader and passionate writer, I am the founder of KNOW and a serial entrepreneur.
I am a huge believer in personal development and am also the co-founder of Muslim CEO.

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