Speaking in Sunnah
By Naseeha Tayob Ibrahim

A Few Ways to Imrove the Quality of Communication.

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Date: 30 / 07 / 20

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) was given a message to carry and convey to the largest Ummah, which is us. Of the many Sunnah’s encouraged to follow, here are a list of ways to earn rewards while in conversation with others. Something we do all the time.

Smiling: Wherever we go, whatever we do, we tend to make an impression which says a lot about us. The starting point of every engagement or conversation with others is a smile as it creates a healthy and happy space for those involved.

Start with Salaam: We meet and greet others with أس سلام عليكم, a greeting of peace because we belong to a region of peace. It actually brings places love and peace between the people involved int he engagement.

Show your love: Take an interest in their health and wellbeing how your friends. It will show them you care and they will feel loved and supported.

Give up Gossip: Our tongues, words, the ability to speak etc, should be used for good. When we use our resources to gossip, lie, insult and curse we take away the Barakah Allah (swt) has blessed us with. Don't poison your energy with ill words. Refrain from it as much as possible.

Wish them Well: At the end of the enegagement it is advisable to smile again and say again أس سلام عليكم. This leaves them in the care of Allah (swt) with His blessings.

By adding these few sunnah etiquette, you can improve your communication skills. It has proven to be very effective as evident from the Prophet Muhammad (saw) life. May Allah (swt) guide us every step of the way as we make an effort to raise our Imaan and strengthen us in spiritual connection.


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