Shape of Planet Earth
By Syed Hussaini

Addressing the flat earth community

Published in: World, Science
Date: 02 / 11 / 19

Centuries ago people used to believe that the Earth is flat but advancements in Science and Technology rejected this idea. However the flat Earth theory nowadays again became so popular that millions are trying to learn this theory.

But is the Earth really flat? That is the question.

For this firstly we need to know how a flat Earth model really looks like.

The Flat Earth community believes that the Earth is like a giant disc at the center over which smaller objects like sun and the moon are rotating. The origins of Flat earth theory comes out of Bible and the followers of this theory are mostly orthodox Christians. But this theory has lots of gaps in it and its followers are propagating some misconceptions for supporting their theory. This is mainly happening in the western part of the world.

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Syed Hussaini

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An It specialist | graphic artist by profession and a religious researcher by choice trying to spread the true meaning and message of Islam.

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