Self-monitoring Magic
By Naseeha Tayob Ibrahim


Published in: Self
Date: 12 / 03 / 21

Most people, by default, spend every second thinking without even knowing that they’re thinking. But what many people don’t know is that the human brain has the ability to watch itself.

This is called Metacognition and it basically means thinking about thinking. A practice that is powerful and therapeutic. 

By practicing self-awareness, you can see, feel and hear what your brain is up to through the feelings, ideas, thoughts and other information that it gives back to you. With conscious practice over time, your awareness grows and that gives you the ability to look at things more objectively before reacting.

In sessions with my clients I conduct Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which does wonders and the client experiences great progress with issues such as anxiety and depression. I teach my clients to self-monitor and practice self-awareness, an easier route to achieve happier, more upbeat and high vibrational outcomes by simply observing the inner workings of the mind.

Self-awareness is similar to mindfulness in that by observing your thoughts, you change the way you think and feel about those thoughts and yourself.

There is a phenomenon in quantum physics, known as the observer effect where subatomic particles change when observed. Something similar happens when people pay closer attention to their own mind. By observing, you are no longer tangled up, associated, attached and identified with those thoughts and emotions.

So how can you beat negative thinking by mental awareness? 

If you don’t feed your pet cat, it will starve to death or run away, right? If you don’t feed a fire, it will die, right?

Paying close attention to what’s going in the brain you can learn to stop negative thinking in it’s tracks and direct your thoughts in ways that makes you feel free, relaxed, supported and happy.

Like the neglected fire, negative thoughts and emotions die out if they’re not continually fed with negative thoughts.

We feel so associated and attached to our thoughts in the moment, that we feel like theres no escaping them - this is wear “I am stuck” belief system comes into reality.

But, you and your thoughts are not one and the same, especially the negative, toxic ones. Being mindful of your thoughts makes you realize and understand that YOU HAVE THE ABILITY TO OBSERVE YOUR OWN MIND.

Getting out of the loop of identifying with each and every one of your thoughts, you can instantly bring peace to yourself and the situation because a little mindfulness goes a long way.

In order to earn the rewards of this self-monitoring magic, practice is a must. It is truly life-changing.

Try it. 


Naseeha Tayob Ibrahim

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