By Umair Malik


Published in: Self
Date: 25 / 06 / 21

I wonder how we have been decieved or we have decieved ourselves in engaging in useless discourses based on sectarianism that only lead to the unnecessary scuffles and nothing else, on the other hand there are the Anti-Islamic elements that are working day in and day out to make enough tactics to denounce the islam and to a greater extent they are successful in eating the islamic nation internally as a termite does. They have reached a point where they are making the deals with the devil to crush muslims and prolifetrate their agendas.

In the mean time what we are good at is teasing each others sects. Pointing out only those Ahadith and Ayahs from the Quran that put weight behind our sects, in the process we lose on what we were, what we used to do, what we used to preach.

The sectarianism has immensely fortified our rationality to recognize what truth is. We are always too busy with each other in discourse about our sects that end up in, only consuming energy and precious time, which unfortunately is very less left. Besides if we had recognized the common enemy and the level of animosity, maybe we've been closer to the solutions to confront their agendas at the forefront. There is no point to hold the system, the modernity, the ideologies accountable for the same, but it is we who have forgot our identity, truth and the true principles.

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