Quran on Space Exploration & Inquiring in to the Unseen
By Zaid Shah

The Connection Between Traditional Astrology & Modern Astronomy

Published in: Science
Date: 13 / 11 / 19

Historically humans have resorted to astrology to access the unseen matters of life and death, destiny, future of a nation or the world. This is due to curiosity inherent in human nature to discover future. Today, modern astronomy seems to have significantly replaced such traditional practices. An Astronomer, to some extent, has replaced an astrologer. According to Quran, one of the primary reasons astrological predictions are considered reprehensible because it claims to have access to the unseen. The audience blindly accepts the astrologer's revelations as Gods word. The Quran teaches only Allah ﷻ holds access to unseen and reveals part of it when necessary to His chosen ones: “So He does not reveal His secrets to any, except to him whom He chooses as a Messenger…” Arbitrary conclusions based on speculation on the unseen matters and mysteries of the universe is considered an act of blasphemy (kufr) against Allah ﷻ. Allah ﷻ said: “[do they think] that the hidden reality is almost within their grasp, so that they can write it down?” Here Quran brings attention to the godless about humankind's utter dependency on their Creator Who holds the key to our existence and future. Modern Science essentially built on godless education system rejects or doubts what lies beyond the basic sense perceptions such as God, angels, revelation, resurrection and subsequent accountability in the hereafter. Natural curiosity leads modern astronomers to not only study the observable cosmic phenomena but also inquire in to what lies beyond apparent. Francis Bacon said “little knowledge takes you away from God but in depth knowledge brings us back to Him.” Unfortunately, modern secular scientists & astronomers reject all revelation because scientific progress deludes them, that based on pure empirical observation and external experimentation everything is possible and humankind can decide its own future. 

Zaid Shah

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