Quran on Space Exploration & Confusion among Astronomers
By Zaid Shah

Conflicting Viewpoint of the Astronomers on Expansion & Fate of the Universe

Published in: Science
Date: 14 / 11 / 19

Due to the unimaginable size of the universe, the scientists are in disagreement over the rate of its continuous expansion calling it a "crisis" in cosmology. Every now and then Astrophysicists are shaken when their previous findings are challenged by new research and they remain baffled in their attempts to explain the universe and unlock its mysteries. The Hubble Constant, is rate of universe expansion, a central feature of any theory about the evolution and ultimate fate of the universe. As per latest report called "Scientists are baffled: What’s up with the universe?", the modern estimates of Hubble Constant by Astrophysicists are contradicting. Measurements using different techniques have produced different results, and the numbers show no sign of converging even as researchers refine their observations. This amazement and confusion among the secular astronomers is what Allah ﷻ brings to their attention: “[Blessed be] He who has created seven heavens (cosmic systems) in full harmony with one another: no fault will you see in the creation of the Most Gracious. And turn your vision [upon it] once more: can your see any flaw? ...turn your vision again and yet again: your vision will fall back upon you, dazzled and truly defeated (in its efforts to encompass the mysteries of the universe).....We have adorned the lower heaven with lamps, and have made them stones to drive away (rujum) the shayateen (devils)." In the first instance Quran addresses Arabian astrologers who claimed to have unseen knowledge through assistance of jinn devils. But Asad in his Tafsir says "rujum - throwing (of something) like a stone" metaphorically implies "speaking conjecturally" translating as "have made them object of futile guesses" pointing towards secular science attempting to unravel mysteries of cosmic space through its research and claims to foretell unseen (future & past) of the universe. 

Zaid Shah

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