Physics Expanding
By Muhammad Ardian Yuli Aliwardana

the mechanic of nature

Published in: Science
Date: 05 / 10 / 19

Today, Knowledge show up very fast and dynamic. Quran say many mystery knowledge. And all Quran consist of the light. Very small and fastest. Quran mention about the end time ( Qiyamah ) is very privacy of Allah's Knowing.

But, in physics all movement can be learned. Include from microscopis to macroscopis. From initial time of universe to end time of universe. All of this written in the light of Qurtan.

So, repairing the universe from learning physics to memorizing of Quran.

Muhammad Ardian Yuli Aliwardana

About the author

I am teacher of nature. Interest with stars and galaxy. like light of Quran. I am learner of Numeric Science .

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