Light. Re-imagined.
By AbuBilaal Yakub

An alternative perspective of looking at light

Published in: Science
Date: 20 / 07 / 20

Reality is known only when it is made known. The Creator brings all into existence and makes known what He, in His Wisdom, wants to make known. For that which He does not make known, He keeps concealed and veiled.

Then when He wills it to be known, He sheds upon it Light. Nur.

For Light, in its inherent property, is “that which reveals”. It exists only in quality, never in quantity, for it is pure in Essence. It bears no tangibility nor form. It cannot be categorized, as its source origin is directly from Almighty Allah.

Is this an irrational explanation? Or is it the Truth?

We will most certainly deliberate it, but for now, all I wish to do is provoke your thinking.

Know then... that…

Light is neither bound to, nor does it bind, yet everything that exists cannot be known to exist unless Light reveals it. Even then, Light does not command authority. It is neither animate nor inanimate. All that can be visually perceived of Light is based purely upon that which is lit. As such, it exists only where its bearer, the Almighty, wills it to exist, and where it does not, there remains an Absence of Light. Science can hence tell you, by measurement, the Luminosity of Light, the Intensity of Light, the Temperature of Light, the Absence of Light… but can never tell you what Light is…

Know then, that we are talking about a principle whose sole purpose is to make known the unknown by filling the void of ignorance and doubt with Knowledge and Certainty. For when Almighty Allah declares that He is the Light of the Heavens and the Earth (Nur 24:35), then we the seekers cannot hope to reach enlightenment unless He guides untoward His Light.

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