KNOW - Allah ﷻ is Absolute Time
By Zaid Shah

Ad-Dahr (Absolute Time) & reality of this world's time

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Date: 26 / 06 / 19

Ad-Dahr, one of the divine names of Allah ﷻ meaning Absolute Time. Every creation carries its own time from Allah ﷻ, the source of all time. The individual time assigned for each during its temporal existence is the limited period called life. This period ends when life ends. Its also mentioned in the Quran by the term Asr (Temporary Time) to distinguish it from Ad-Dahr (Absolute Time): "CONSIDER the fleeting time! Verily, Man is in loss.” In a Hadith e Qudsi Allah ﷻ said: “Mankind abuses time and I am Absolute Time.” This implies wasting ourselves by overtly investing all potential towards duniya (materialism) with little or no focus on hereafter. With technology we have cut months of journey in to hours and hours work in to seconds attempting to make more time available yet we notice our inability to evade time and live more. Time continues to evade us just as the Prophet ﷺ predicted: “...time will pass quickly...” “The hour will not come until time is constricted, year like a month, month like a week, week like the day, day like the hour, and hour like the flare of the fire.” Time constriction is observable in our age when comparing our ability to write with that of Ibn Qayyim Al-Jawziyya author of Zaad al-Ma’ad, thousands of pages work written while traveling from Damascus to Makkah for Hajj, from memory only! This is because who’s major concern is Ad-Dahr are able to achieve miracles, for them time becomes blessed and expanded. Consider Fatima of Cordoba, Andalusian Sufi saint, despite 95 years old looked 14, so replenished was she with love of Allah ﷻ. Such are glimpses of afterlife experience where time will cease to exist, becoming eternally blessed, aging and death will be experienced no more.

Zaid Shah

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