KNOW - Allah ﷻ has no likeness
By Zaid Shah

Our Attitude on describing Allah ﷻ

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Date: 22 / 06 / 19

There is no physical description of Allah ﷻ and discussing His true essence and of His actions is contrary to Islamic faith. The Quran makes it clear “There is not anything like Him (whatsoever)” , meaning that nothing in the entire creation could be compared with Him.

As per Islam the moment we compare creation with the Creator He would cease to be the Creator because His uniqueness is what makes Him worthy of being called our Creator. The moment we attempt to compare Allah ﷻ with His creation in any way, we will claim something for which we have no direct proof from Him and this is a sin in Islam. However, what we find mentioned in the Quran and hadith are His actions. When addressing humankind, His actions can be best explained using words that employ the same terms when describing human actions to help us understand better. For instance Prophet Muhammad ﷺ said "Indeed the hearts are between two Fingers of Allah's Fingers, He changes them as He wills." Such actions that mention 'fingers' are not to be understood in a literal sense. 

The great 13th century Imam ibn Kathir quotes Nuaym Al-Khuzai, the teacher of famous hadith collector Imam Bukhari, whose advice serves best how a believer's attitude should be towards understanding Allah's actions:  "Whoever likens Allah with His creation, will have committed Kufr (disbelief). Whoever denies what Allah has described Himself with, will have committed Kufr (disbelief). Certainly, there is no resemblance (of Allah with the creation) in what Allah and His Messenger have described Him with. Whoever attests to Allah's attributes that the plain verses and  Hadiths have mentioned, in the manner that suits Allah's majesty, all the while rejecting all shortcomings from Him, will have taken the path of guidance."

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