Keeping Calm in a Crises
By Naseeha Tayob Ibrahim

Tips to managing anxiety and stress during Covid19

Published in: Self, World, Health
Date: 22 / 07 / 20

The world is in a state of unrest, there's no denying the fear that lurks. It has gripped the world. Covid_19 has people experiencing unnatural levels of stress and anxiety.

But it is important to get a grip and go on. Here's are 5 ways to keep calm:

1. Be cool with the crises:

Accept the current condition as it is. Uncertainty hangs in the air but it's not what’s happening, it’s how you think, feel and respond to it. Take responsibility for yourself, your mental health and do everything you need to make progress.

2. Be calm, compassionate and take care:

Make this change work for you. Playing the cool card about the crises is proof that your power lies within. Practicing self-care, showing gratitude and praying are powerful to ground yourself.

3. Clean the mind, clear your space:

Mindfulness is key. Watch your thoughts. Don’t listen to the bad ones. This is taking control of your inner world. If you’re working from home, find a space that you can work from that is clear of junk, noise and distractions. Just like unwanted thoughts slow you down, so does clutter.

4. Cleanse the body:

This is an opportunity to take care of our bodies. Now we have the time to prepare healthier meals and eat well. There’s time for some exercise too. Whether it’s yoga, a 30 minute walk or climbing the stairs in the building. Keeping active helps the mind and body strong and disciplined.

5. Consumption:

Just like food, whatever information that you take in, will have an effect on your health - mental health. Keep updated but don’t absorb. It’s quite simple. Focus on the number of recoveries. It’s growing everyday. Reduce your information intake. Stick to reliable sources and that too, very minimal. 

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