Jinns - Identifying Shayateen
By Zaid Shah

The Devils Among Jinn & Humans

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Date: 09 / 07 / 19

A devil is defined as ‘a shaytaan’ or ‘a satan’, not the main satan who misguided Adam and Eve. In fact, any jinn that is evil, attempts to misguide or harm in any way is referred to as ‘a devil’. The Arabic term shayateen (plural of shaytaan) is referred in English to ‘a group of devils’. The term shayateen is generally used by Muslims to refer to the devils among the jinn. Islam teaches that just like humans have good and bad so does jinn. However the ones that collaborate with satan and his followers are the evil ones referred to as shayateen

Another very important thing to note is the application of the term shayateen is not limited to the devils among the jinn, in fact humans who are devilish in their habits and nature are included in this term such as the following verse: "And so We have appointed for every Prophet enemies -- shayateen (devils) among mankind and jinn. They suggest alluring words to one another in order to deceive-" Commenting on this verse Muhammad Asad in his Message of the Quran quotes a prophetic hadith: "the Prophet ﷺ was asked, 'Are there shayateen from among men?' - he replied, 'Yes, and they are more evil than the shayateen from among the invisible beings (jinn)." Asad explains 'shaytaan' is used in the Quran to describe the "satanic" (exceedingly evil) propensities including all impulses which run counter to reason, truth and morality, in man's own soul and those in the spiritual world (jinns), just as in this verse: "they assert, "We believe"; but when they find themselves alone with their evil impulses (shayateen), they say, "Verily, we are with you; we were only mocking!" By following evil propensities of their own souls these jinns and humans have become devils.

Zaid Shah

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