How Zionist Israel is Neither Semitic Nor Jewish
By Zaid Shah

Investigating The Roots of Zionism

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Date: 18 / 05 / 21

Zionist Israel – A European Jewish Project

Since its creation in 1948, Israel continues to expand its occupation by allowing the illegal Jewish settlement on the occupied Palestinian territories. Killing and evicting Palestinians, razing and destroying their homes and property with the aim of building new construction for Jewish settlers in clear contravention of international law has been ongoing for several decades. The origin of this occupation began with the idea of Nationalist Ideology called Zionism which emerged in Europe in the late 19th century. The ideology’s aim was to establish a nation state for Jews. The official announcement of this project was made at the First Congress in 1897 in Basel, Switzerland by an Austrian Jew and Journalist named Theodor Herzl. The target location was Palestine or Eretz Yisrael, the Land of Israel. A Jewish National Fund was setup to buy agriculture lands in Palestine. The drumming up of support for the project was however ongoing several years prior to this announcement (e.g. Lovers of Zion in Russia). With the rise of modern secular nation states in Europe, the Jews were hoping for the end to persecution experienced at the hands of European Christians for centuries. But with discrimination against Jews continuing Theodor was able to successfully argue in his writing for the idea of a secular nation state. What’s important to note is that the concept of a secular state is contrary to the traditional Judaic belief that all Jews would not come together to form a political state until the advent of the Messiah who would restore the Kingdom of Israel. In fact, when the plan to form a homeland in Palestine was spearheaded by European Jews such as Theodor Herzl, the Jews living under Ottomans and rest of the Muslim world did not agree to a homeland in Palestine but somewhere else within Ottoman lands. Ottoman Jews were reluctant to leave the places in which their ancestors had lived for centuries and partly due to the fact they had not suffered the persecution that their coreligionists had experienced in Europe. The migration to new homeland started before world war 1 but stopped during the war by Ottoman authorities at the request of the Palestinians who saw the increase in Jewish migration as imbalance of demographics in their territories. After Britain captured Palestine from Ottoman empire, the UN mandate permitted Britain to allow unrestricted Jewish migration to the holy land. Since much of the Jewish migration to holy land was done under the cover of British imperialism against the will of majority Arab Muslims residing in the holy land for generations, such was bound to result in a conflict the impact of which we see still today. With military and financial support for Zionist occupation from imperialist USA like its British predecessor has emboldened the Israelis to wage wars not only against Palestinians but also neighboring states.

Zionist Justification for Illegal Occupation

After 70 years of occupation Israel continues to justify its illegal actions through various means. Since holy land and Kingdom of Israel are primary beliefs in traditional Judaism, Zionist Israel supports its illegal claim by using religion. Such as, firstly, they are one of the original Semites in lieu of their descent from Prophet Ibrahim (alaihi salaam), a Hebrew (descendants of ancient Arabs). Secondly, Judaism existed in the holy land prior to Islam and Christianity. Thirdly, as per Torah this is their land as promised to them by God, they are chosen, hence their right to live in the holy land is more than anyone else. These arguments are very important to note because a bit of investigation into these claims negates Zionist Israel and majority of its population’s connection to any of the above.

The claim of majority of European Jews to be Semites (or Semitic) who sponsored and colonized the holy land is false. There are three main types of Jews in the world today: Mizrahi, Sephardim & Ashkenazi. The Mizrahi commonly understood as the Black/Arabic Jews historically belong to the Middle Eastern & North African region. Sephardim are Jews that come from Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal etc.). Sepharad is a term also found in the Bible and refers to the land of Iberian Peninsula hence the Jews from there are called Sephardim. There is no other difference between Sephardim & Mizrahi except their belonging to different lands. Sephardim & Mizrahi have a historical lineage linking them to one of the children of Israeli tribes and are original Semites or Semitic. The majority bulk of modern Jewry does not belong to the Mizrahi or Sephardim. The majority belong to Ashkenazi or Ashkenazim race. The Ashkenazi Jews make up most Jews today and have ancestry in Central Asia and Eastern Europe. According to several estimates Ashkenazis form more than 70 – 75 percent of the Jews in the world. Before 1933 Ashkenazis made up 90% of the world's Jews, but now the figure is nearer to 80%. Sephardim & Mizrahi: Jews of Spanish or Arabic descent, make up roughly 20% of modern Jewry. This fact is extremely important to understand Zionist Israel.

The Ashkenazis - Who are they?

Ashkenazi is derived from Ashkenaz. Prophet Noah (alaihi salaam) had three sons, Japheth, Sem (Shem), and Ham. Ashkenazi Jews are not Semites, but are named after Japheths grandson, Ashkenaz. According to Bible the people of Ashkenaz lived in the Central Asian area of the Black and Caspian Seas, part of the the Slavic lands. These descendants of Ashkenaz were called the Khazar inhabiting the north of Caucuses Mountain region between Black and Caspian Sea (also called Bahr e Khazar i.e. Sea of Khazar in Arabic, Persian). These people formed their kingdom around 630 CE which lasted till around 1000 CE. Originally the Khazars were part of the many wild tribes of Central Asia and South Eastern Europe that inhabited the region. Traditionally this land was famously called as Land of Gog & Magog (Yajuj wa Majuj), wild tribes descended from Japheth. The Quran in Surah Kahf (18:93-99) mentions the story of Dhul Qarnayn, a pious King who built a wall against destructive Gog & Magog forces at the request of nation that was exposed to their attacks. As per Islamic Scholars this wall was built between Derbent and Daryal, two cities of Daghestan in the Caucasus, the land between the Black Sea and the Caspian. There are high mountains between the Black Sea and Daryal having deep gorges (mountain passes) which cannot allow large armies to pass through them. During the Khilafat of Umar ibn al Khattab (r.a) when the Islamic army reached the land of Armenia, Shehrbaz the ruler of the land provided information on the Walls in Derbent to Abdur Rehman bin Rabiah, the vanguard of the force. Ibn Jarir Tabari, Ibn Kathir have recorded the event, also Yaqut in his famous encyclopedia Mujam Al Buldan. Yaqut has further mentioned that after 200 years Abbasid Caliphs Wathiq and Muqtadar-Billah also sent delegations, one of them being under Ahmad ibn Fadlan, the famous traveler and officer at Baghdad court, that reached Derbent and studied the wall. This clearly shows that even up till the third century of Hijrah the Muslim scholars regarded this wall of the Caucasus as the wall of Dhul Qarnayn and the land as that of Gog and Magog.

History informs us that The Khazar Khagan (or Khan) named Bulan abandoned paganism and accepted the Jewish faith in the second half of the 9th century. His successor Obadiah established the religion further by building synagogues and Judaic schools in their territory. The ruling royal family of Khazar Empire were called Bulanids named after their ancestor King Bulan. A letter exists from the 9th Century from Hasdai ibn Shaprut, the grand vizier under Caliph Abdul Rahman III of Islamic Spain, a Sephardim Jew himself, to the King Joseph of Khazar Empire inquiring about his lineage and details of their Jewish faith. King Joseph was king of the Khazars during the 950s and 960s CE. He was son of Aaron II, also a Khazar ruler. King Joseph replied to Hasdai ibn Shaprut describing details of his ancestry, people and conversion story in the famously recorded Khazar Correspondence. In that letter he acknowledged that they had no link with the original Semitic tribes of Israel. The letter has been acknowledged by author and journalist Arthur Koestler, a Hungarian Jew himself, in his famous work on the history of Khazars called 'The 13th Tribe'

After the breakup of the Khazar Empire, this large bulk of Jews migrated to the adjacent lands of what is today Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, etc. and from there to other parts of Eastern and Western Europe. Additionally, there is also evidence from medieval Islamic Geographers that confirm Khazar Empire’s conversion to Judaism. Such as Ibn al-Faqih, Persian historian, ibn Rustah a 10th Century Persian Scholar, Ibn Fadlan a 10th-century Arab Muslim traveler. All confirm the Judaization of Khazar nation.

Non-Semitic Origin of the Modern Hebrew

Language is a way to investigate the roots of any culture. This is exactly what Paul Wexler did, an American-born Israeli linguist, and Professor Emeritus of linguistics at Tel Aviv University. His research fields include historical linguistics, bilingualism, Slavic linguistics, creole linguistics, Romani (Gypsy) and Jewish languages. According to him there is a big disconnection between the original Hebrew and the modern Hebrew and that Yiddish, the language that has its origin in the Eastern European/Central Asian Turkic cultures, has made significant impact on the modern Hebrew. This is correct because one of the goals of Zionism was to revive Hebrew as a spoken language among the European Jewish settlers who only spoke Yiddish. Wexler has argued that Yiddish comes from the Slavic lands, and the East European Jews hail from Persia via the Caucasus and the Khazar steppe. He claims that the modern Israeli Hebrew is not a “revived” form of Old Hebrew, as is commonly maintained. Rather it is a derivative of Yiddish, and thus is also a Slavic language. Since the “linguistic revival” is impossible, modern Israeli Hebrew cannot be considered a “revived” form of Biblical Hebrew because it utilizes the syntactic and phonological systems of Yiddish, with only the vocabulary being of mainly Biblical Hebrew. It must be this reason why Asad (formerly Leopold Weiss, a Polish Jew) after his conversion to Islam realized that the Bedouin Arab was closer to the Hebrew characters he had studied as a boy in the Old Testament than a modern European Jew. Hence modern Israeli Hebrew and its genetic parent Yiddish must be defined as Slavic languages. Based on his linguistic expertise Paul concluded that “it is incorrect to view the contemporary Jews as descendants of the ancient Palestinian Jews or contemporary Jewish religious expression and folkways as uninterrupted evolutions of Palestinian talmudic Judaism and folkways. All contemporary forms of Judaism and Jewish culture are relatively recently ‘Judaized’ non-Jewish constructs rather than direct evolutions of Old Palestinian Judaism and Jewish culture.”

Criminal Zionist Attempt to Semitize Ashkenazis

An investigation report published by Al Jazeera TV exposed the criminal attempts by the Zionist Israeli Govt in 1940s & 1950s to kidnap & sell thousands of newborn babies of Mizrahi & Sephardim migrant parents for adoption to the majority European Ashkenazi families living in Israel. The parents were told their children died immediately after birth. It’s clearly evident that this attempt must have been made to justify and prove the existence of Semitic origin of the Ashkenazi families with the aim to establish their religiously validate their claim to holy land. Yael Tzadok, an Israeli journalist who has spent 20 years investigating cases of children who disappeared, told Al Jazeera: "This is Israel's darkest secret. Jews kidnapped other Jews, Jews who were coming to a state that had been created as a refuge in the immediate wake of the Holocaust. Bringing the truth into the daylight risks causing an earthquake." Israeli Jews who originate from Arab countries are known in Israel as Mizrahim, in contrast to those of European heritage, who are called Ashkenazim. Tzadok said the evidence suggested that most of the missing children - from Mizrahi families - were taken by hospital staff and sold or given away to European Jews, both in Israel and abroad. Unfortunately, it is these missing babies carrying Semitic blood that have grown up, mixing in Ashkenazi families, in Israel and abroad, who are, most likely and ofcourse deceivingly, used as evidence to prove the false theory that Ashkenazi Jews also carry Semitic blood.

Zionist Clandestine Operations that Brought Jews to Holy Land

As the establishment of Zionist Israel has been primarily European owned and led project the Jews living in the Islamic world, initially, were not big supporters of this project. Hence there was much planning required by European Zionist Jews to somehow uproot the Semite Jews and force their migration to the holy land. It was not going to be an easy task to uproot those who had been peacefully coexisting with Muslims for generations. The charge for this plan was taken up by Zionist militant and terrorist groups: Haganah, Irgun (Etzel), The Stern Gang (by Avraham Stern, who advocated for a land from river Nile to Euphrates), The Lehi, formed during British mandate. Their philosophy justified violence and terrorism as a tool for creation of their state. They were famous for carrying out assassinations, bomb explosions and massacres against Palestinians, British army officers, UN representatives and even Jews who disagreed with them. For instance, the Irgun carried Al Quds massacre in 1937 and Haifa massacre in 1938, attacked British Officer’s club killing 17 soldiers. Stern Gang’s assassination of Count Bernadotte, the UN peace mediator, also the famous Deir Yassin massacre where 120 Palestinian villagers were killed. The primary aim of these terror campaigns were the mass displacement and migration of indigenous Palestinians to make more room for Jewish settlers. The other aim was to displace and force migration of Middle Eastern Jews to the holy land. For this they resorted to tricks and plots by stirring conflict between those Jews and the Muslims in various parts of North Africa and Middle East.

Some examples of their activities are 1950–1951 Baghdad bombings, a series of bombings of Jewish targets in Baghdad, between April 1950 and June 1951 carried to encourage Iraqi Jews to migrate to Israel. The Zionist Jewish soldiers serving under British army in Libya were instrumental in stimulating the local Jewish population to emigrate to Israel. The underground Israeli intelligence activity in Algeria that allowed former Irgun members and Mossad to train Jews in Oran and Constantine who played a role in the Algerian War against Muslims, generating animosity between Jews and Muslims. The Jewish Agency of Israel setup an office in Tripoli, Libya, under British, which according to Harvey E. Goldberg, was behind the 1945 Muslim-Jewish riots, given that the riots helped them achieve their goal of Jewish migration to holy land. After the establishment of Israel, nearly all of Libya’s approximately 31,000 Jews made to migrate. In other cases, Zionists made agreements with authorities in Morocco, Yemen and Egypt, through the French and British by allowing them to make contacts and connections with local Jewish populations and stimulate their migration to Israel. Famous military operations also expatriated thousands of Jews: Operation Magic Carpet (Yemen), Operation Yachin (Morocco) and Operation Ezra & Nehemiah (Iraq).

It must have been these actions of Zionists that some Islamic luminaries with insight found prophesied in the Quran: (Al Quran 21:95-96): “But there is a ban on a town which We have destroyed: that they (the people of the town) shall not return (to reclaim that town as their own); until Gog and Magog are let through (their barrier), and they swiftly spread out in every direction.” Scholars like the great poet of the East Dr. Muhammad Iqbal and Sheikh Imran Hosein, the modern expert on Islamic eschatology, claim that the “town” in the verse is Jerusalem and the people that have returned are the Jews, after 2000 years, by the assistance of Gog and Magog forces. It was this verse on which Dr. Muhammad Iqbal said in his poetry:

Khul gaay Yajuj aur Majuj kay lashkar tamaam,
Chashmay Muslim dekh lay tafsiray harfay yansiloon! 

“Set loose are all the hordes of Gog and Magog;
To the Muslim eye manifest is the meaning of the word yansiloon”

(i.e. the two verses of the Quran, al-Anbiyah, 21:95-6, which end with the word
yansiloon”) - [Bang-e-Dara ─ Zarifana:23]

It was these terrorist groups that later transformed into mainstream political parties such as Irgun becoming Herut and Lehi becoming Modelet, a party which continues to advocate ethnic cleansing of Palestinians from occupied territories. Their leading members joined Israeli political-military nexus with the founding of Israel in 1948 and, many even served as Prime Ministers such as David Ben Gurion (1955 - 1963), a former Haganah member, Menachem Begin (Likud party), an Irgun chief, Shamir (1983–1984 and 1986–1992), former Lehi leader.


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