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Date: 02 / 06 / 17

Take account of yourself before you will be taken to account for

(Umar al Farooq May God be pleased with him)

Download the Ramadaan planner here:

This Ramadaan Planner utilizes the principle that whatever is done on a regular basis for 30 days will register itself in the mind to later on become a habit. Allah has given the brain Neuroplasticity, allowing it to develop and abandon habits and routines with intentional practice. This planner divides the day in 5 intervals as per the Sunnah and allows the user to assess his/her behavior between these intervals. Ramadaan is a yearly training period given to us where by, after depriving the body of what it is used to, we can give enormous power and control to our spirit. However certain do's and dont's have to be incorporated in our daily routine throughout this month in order to taste its benefits. It is a tried and tested method, where if this month is sincerely spent the way it is supposed to be spent according to Allah and His Prophet (Peace be upon him) then you will be a much better version of you at the end of the month.

This Planner covers almost all the obligatory acts, recommended acts one is encouraged to do and also the impermissible acts that render the fast void, but are taken very lightly by people like backbiting, lying and other harms of the tongue. Ramadaan is a month of holistic character building, hence personal purification and community service are the two neccessary goals to achieve.

Read the instructions inside the document to use it optimally. There are two sheets.




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