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Date: 05 / 04 / 17

 A Knode is a brand new way of learning. Simply described as a bite size nugget of knowledge, this is a novel concept in learning,It brings together the traditional human touch to knowledge and modern technology to revolutionize learning. True knowledge is clear, concise and credible. We at KN-OW believe that everyone has something to teach and everyone has something to learn. Harnessing this power of the sharing “knowledge” economy, we provide a global platform for all seekers and knowers to come together and share in the global database of knowledge. Remember true knowledge is not what is filling up pages in books across libraries or contained in computers, rather it is found in the hearts and minds of humanity with which collectively we draw out a vision of each day

The first question that needs to be asked is what is a Knode?

A Knode is a 3 minute video or a 300 word text explaining a particular topic.

That’s a video/article ! Why is it called a knode?

That is a fair question. We at KNOW are a community of knowledge lovers and we envision the entire world as a “Global Classroom”. Now to have 7 billion people under one roof is not quite feasible. Hence, utilizing technology is the next best thing. So to answer your question, yes the tools that we are utilizing are videos and text, but the underlying theme, intent and the ultimate destination is KNOWLEDGE. So yes, it’s a video. But unlike all its varied applications, this brief text or 3 minutes video clip is a packet of beneficial knowledge just there to stimulate and satisfy the innate human need to KNOW !

Why is it called a “knode”?

Much adaptive to the natural way in which a human brain learns. Scientists study complex brain functions by analysing the various nodes (collection of brain tissue) within brain networks that are employed in specific activities . Cognitive learning takes place by recognition of sense data, reference and inference. The word “node” means a point in a network at which pathways meet. Applying the same analogy, KN-OW is a global network of knowledge lovers that connect and share their knowledge through Knodes.

Why a Knode?

Well, a fair question that one may have is why should I make a knode, and not just a Youtube video, or vlog? The answer to that is that KN-OW being a global platform brings together all experts, scholars, students with all of their expertise and knowledge in a network. And this is not the case with video sharing websites like youtube or social media which are primarily used for entertainment, business, news, sports,fashion and a whole lot of other purposes.

Can I make a Knode?

Ofcourse ! Anyone can make a knode. All you need is a camera and a computer.

How do I get started then?

1.Making your KN-OW profile is the first step

2.Record a Knode (3 min video or 1 page text) explaining a topic of your choice

                   Some tips on how to make a Knode:

For starters write a 300 word Knode on a topic of your choice first and then use it as a script to record a video knode on the same topic.

Use a good recording device like a camera, or iPhone or any device that has a good resolution and quality.

Make sure the lighting is good. Compare a morning footage with an evening one to see which one is bright and nice.

Keep one and a half arm span distance between the camera and yourself.

Make sure the camera is aligned and straight.

Have a good background behind you that enhances the quality of your Knode.

Make sure your face and upper part of your body are directly infront of the camera, so that you are at the centre of the screen, once your Knode is recorded

Make sure to put out all background noise and being clearly audible is very crucial to imparting knowledge in an effective manner.

Introduce the subject in the first few seconds of your Knode, dive straight into its explaination and make sure to summarise it "point wise" for better retention in your audience's memory.

You can use editing software (Windows Movie Maker, iMovie etc) if you like to improve the quality of your Knode.

Display keywords on the Knode screen, to make it easy for the viewers to understand.

You can use small video clips inside your Knode as a teaching aid. 

3. Now add it to your profile.

4. Connect with other experts and contributors.

5. Build your own network at KNOW and grow

6. As your viewership increases, you become a certified KNOW contributor open to various benefits!




We believe that everyone has something to learn, and everyone has something to teach. Our vision is to create a global education platform which empowers millions to fulfill their purpose and potential.

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