Consider this when choosing a Coach
By Naseeha Tayob Ibrahim

or starting coaching

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Date: 13 / 08 / 21

It’s been a couple of weeks and a couple of sessions. What you got from Coaching so far isn’t what you expected. But you know you need this. You enjoy the journey to better you. So what’s really going on?

As with everything relationship, professional or personal, you want to know how things are going to work, what the process is like. And you deserve that.

Consider this…

Choosing the right coach - You will need to gather your reasons for coaching, first. Ask yourself what you want to get out of the sessions. This will make things easier for you when you start shopping because there are various types of coaching. The most important thing is to find a coach that will meet your needs.

Building trust - A lot of the time the relationship between client and coach sets the tone for how things are going to pan out. Things should flow, come easy but remain professional and focused on the goals and objectives. Sometimes in the very fist session you’ll get a sense of who yo are working with. Many coaches offer a free session where you can chat with them and see if they are a good fit for you. Take the opportunity to make the right decision. Remember, the coach is going to be your human diary. You will be discussing personal matters like feelings and past experiences. You have to be comfortable and honest to share these things. A safe space is very important.

Bring on boundaries - Your coach will most definitely discuss what he/she expects from you throughout the sessions and make clear the rules of the relationship such as when and how to contact them out of sessions. Learn about the cancellation policy, pricing, advance bookings and whether or not you can change sessions if need be. You will also need to explain to your coach what your goals are and where you’re having trouble. There are 2 very important points to mention here - One, You have to show up for sessions! How else does change happen if you’re not there? Remember something, and I say this in the nicest possible way - you are an adult, you have to take responsibility for yourself. No one is going to fo that you. Showing up shows maturity. Two, do as the coach says. There are going to be times when your coach gives you something like homework in order to remain engaged even out of sessions which is only going to allow for more growth - if you do it.

Trusting the process - Please, please please… trust the process. And remember that even small, little process is still progress and worth recognition. Coaching is a journey where you are working on you, for you. It is the most worthy investment because the returns go long and wide. Well into the program you will notice everything you’re learning becoming a lifestyle and that when you know it’s working. 


Naseeha Tayob Ibrahim

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