The Camel in the Qu'ran
By Azhar Yousuf

Camel: The one we should reflect on.

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Date: 02 / 11 / 19

 The Camel

It is beyond any doubt that all creatures reflect the endless power of knowledge of their creator. The 17th verse of surah Al-Gashiya tells us about an animal which needs to be carefully examined and thought about- The camel.


“Do they not look at the camels how they are made.”

its body structure. 

 The hump as food stock

The hump of the camel provides nourishment to the animal periodically in times of starvation. With this system the animal can live for 3 weeks without water, whilst it losses 33% of its weight; under the same circumstances if a human being would lose 8% of its body weight, he would die within 36 hours.

 Heat insulating fur

This fur consists of thick hairs that do not only protect the body of the animal from freezing and the burning weather conditions, but also reduces the water loss of the body. The camel can delay respiration by increasing its body temperature up to 41°c to prevent water loss.

 Improved water utilization unit

Camel can consume up to 130 litters of water almost in 10 minutes which is around one third of their body weight. Camels have a mucus structure in their nose which is 100 times larger than that of humans. With its huge and curved nose, camel can hold 66% of moisture of air.

 Feet suitable for all land types

The feet are comprised of two toes joined with elastic pad. The toenail protect the feet from potential damages resulting from bumps. Knees are covered with callus which is composed of skin as hard and thick as a horn. When the animal lay down on a hot sand, this callused structure protects the animal from being injured by extremely hot grounds.

Azhar Yousuf

About the author

Mr Azhar Yousuf is a young 18 year old Aeronautical engineering student. He was born in 10-03-2001 in a village 25km from Srinagar. He started his education in his native and in 2018, he went to Tamil Nadu for pursuing BE Aeronautical Engineering in Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College. He is very interested in playing volleyball, teaching and writing.

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