Angels and The Believers
By Zaid Shah

Nur (light) - Source of Energy for Angels and Believers

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Date: 28 / 06 / 19

Biophotons are photons (particles) of light emitting from human bodies at extremely low visible frequency invisible to our sight, similar to theta & delta brainwaves produced by neurons in human brains often in sleep but dominant in deep meditation. Islam teaches that angels, energetic beings made of nur (light), get attracted to our light if we remain physically pure and spiritually active. Practicing Islam helps us achieve both states. 

Prophet ﷺ informed us that angels are very sensitive to smells unbearable to humans such as those of garlic and onions: “He who eats of this offensive plant (onions/garlic) must not approach our mosque, for the angels are harmed by the same things as men.” He never forbade them but advised to avoid them before worship. Whatever apprehends humans also apprehends angels therefore Prophet ﷺ advised Muslims to cleanse their mouth before engaging in worship: “When any one of you stand at night to offer Salah, you should clean your teeth with a miswak (wooden tooth stick) because when you recite the Quran, an angel places his mouth on yours and anything coming out of your mouth enters the mouth of that angel.” Because when worshiping the spiritual moments we experience becomes their sustenance. We are also informed that angels seek zikr gatherings and become joyful as zikr is their and our source of energy: “Allah , has angels who go about seeking those who remember Allah. When they find some people remembering Allah they call to one another and say, ‘Come to what you are hungry for;’ and they surround them with their wings until the space between them and the lowest sky is fully covered.” This is one of many spiritual ways in which Allah ﷻ keeps angels joined with the believers for the sake of their protection and guidance.  

Zaid Shah

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