A little bit of Goals. A whole lot of Growth.
By Naseeha Tayob Ibrahim

وَمَا تَوْفِيقِي إِلَّا بِاللَّهِ ۚ عَلَيْهِ تَوَكَّلْتُ وَإِلَيْهِ أُنِيبُ Surah Hud - 11:88

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Date: 29 / 07 / 20

Begin with Belief. It starts with your mindset. As within, so without. You have to truly believe that you’re capable of making it happen. When you set out to achieve something, big or small, the most powerful tool is believing in yourself. Take stock of who you are and where your strengths. Pump your motivation with positive energy. It doesn’t matter if everyone around you believes in you if you don’t believe in yourself.

Work hard but wait… In this fast paced, we’re so used to quickly getting what we want that we’ve lost appreciation and respect for hard work. It requires dedication and sacrifice. It won’t be smooth sailing but commitment and consistency will give you results sooner than you think. Leaving your comfort zone can be challenging but hard work will be something you’re proud of in years to come.

Personal Growth is Power An important aspect of achieving a goal is the growth that comes with it. I believe that great things take time and start small. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to accomplish your goal. What’s important is who you become in the process. There is wisdom, learning and growing to experience on the journey. Sometimes, that’s what changes the course of our lives in more ways than we could ever image.

Don’t let setbacks, set you back. These detours are almost inescapable. But it teaches us to handle pressure when things get rough. It’s essential that we learn resilience. When you really want something, you have to learn to push passed the bumps. Don’t let the fear of failure make you give up on our dreams. The difficulties are going to teach you to appreciate all the hard work. 


Naseeha Tayob Ibrahim

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